The Boss.

Film Title: The Boss

Movie night in the same exact theater I was in last night lmao. That’s sad. I have no life. Or maybe I do. Idk I’ve been so busy lately haha. But it feels good to be able to relax for 2 hours in the middle of my day. Like I’m about to go in on a paper meh.

7pm showing of The Boss at AMC Century City 15. The theater was surprisingly filled, unlike last night where there were only 2 others haha. It was a very mixed crowd too haha, kids, adults, etc. I guess 7pm on a Thursday makes for a good movie night. My homegirl was d, shoutout to her.

So my bro has this thing where some actresses hella bug him, and Melissa McCarthy might be one of those lmao. But I thought she was pretty in this movie haha. She plays the same exact goofy character as all her films tho. Oh and Veronica Mars. The plot is irrelevant cause it’s a comedy haha. Basically they team up and start a brownie company haha. I really wanted one to. I was thinking in the future, they would hand them out to the audience haha. Like samples. How dope would that be.

Anywho. The movie had us giggling. It was a little under 2 hours but felt kinda long. I was so tired I felt like I could fall asleep at the end, but props to me for not haha. I really wanna see Barbershop when it comes out haha. I never really look forward to any usually.

My day was long af. And I hadn’t slept well so it was brutal. I wanted to sleep at my desk so bad at my internship haha. Like sit upright so it looks like I’m doing shit but secretly eyes closed. It wasn’t comfortable tho and I failed ha. Fuck desk jobs. (watch me get one :0).

I interviewed for my second year placement at The Actor’s Fund and loved it. So cray bc I went into it not wanting it at all, but they sold me. I’m pissed I gave them my basic resume instead of the one on good paper haha. I’m beating myself up over it. Like if I don’t get it, I’m legit gonna blame it on that haha. Anyways…

Met with a client at Tom N Toms Coffee in Ktown. Holy shit, there’s like 10 that pop up when you type it into Yelp. I went to like 3 before I found the right one. So stressful. Rain pouring and the traffic of Wilshire. Die.

Went to Yogaworks in weho after. Redeemed a Groupon from 2011 LMAO. Thank goodness they came out with the policy of being able to get your value for what you paid if it expired. Clutch af. So I’ve been to the ones in West LA, and it’s def not my fav studio. They’re just not as personal. Like I want you to adjust me and call me by my name haha.

This location is a trip. It’s right on Fairfax, which means good luck with parking. I arrived on time for once. Yo, the class was LEGIT all 50 year old women and gay guys, also older. K not all, but that was the majority. AND THEY WERE SO DAMN FIT. Straight up yogis killing the game. Headstands and tripods like nothing. I was in awe haha.

Showered and hit the movie. Sold a chella wristband for a homie in the bay. Yup.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This remix knocks.


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