Hello, My Name Is Doris


Hello, My Name Is Doris at 9:30pm at The Landmark. Shoutout to my fav theater. That again, doesn’t accept Moviepass haha. :(. We got the couch theaters tho hayyyy. Them shits is so comfortable haha. So I have no idea who Sally Field is… but my gay bestie was excited for this. So why not haha. It got bomb reviews. Hg came too. Movie fam <3.

Plot: Sally Field plays this way older woman who falls in love with Max Greenfield, aka the dude from New Girl. Hg is in love with him but I don’t see it haha. I can’t believe he’s 35 tho. He legit looks 25. Good for him haha. But yeah. It’s kinda actually really awkward. That’s a subject I legit cannot deal. When a girl dates a super older guy, or vice versa. Idk, I just think it’s weird. I get it, y’ll have a connection. But society isn’t that nice haha.

ANYWAYS. The movie was so cute. Sally Field is cute haha. It was def worth it. It was a little over an hour and half. Homeboy legit fell asleep and woke up randomly out of nowhere and screamed “WHAT’D I MISS.” Dead. Oh, I asked my bro if he knew who Sally Field was, he goes, is that an astronaut. LAWL.

I had a super busy day. Woke up late bc I didn’t get good sleep, went on a short run. Checked in at the dentist. I have a small infection. The procedure was so gnarly and I ended up pulling out one of the stitches cause I thought it was food. Smh. I love my dentist but I hate the dentist. I’ma be going back all week which is such a bitch cause I’m so busy and it’s all the way in Westwood. LA traffic is never my friend.

Went to class. We did an exercise where we went out on campus and asked random people what disability meant to them. It was interesting but it was hot af haha. I left early to pick up meds and head to work. Work was chill. Then the movie. And now I’m here.

TRACK OF THE DAY: My girl put me on this track via Snapchat lmao. Shit goes tho.


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