Everybody Wants Some!!


Everybody Wants Some!! Yes, the exclamation points are part of the movie title. In this scene, they’re going around smoking a bong, trynta see who can get the most smoke. So that should tell you how the rest of the movie goes haha.

7:45pm showing at The Landmark on Pico. Fav theater alert. It got like 90% so why not. My bros were visiting (shoutout to them as always) and we just got out of Joy Foot Spa. Def broke my one massage a week rule wops. The plot says…

A group of college baseball players navigate their way through the freedoms and responsibilities of unsupervised adulthood.

It’s a comedy, and made by the people who created Boyhood! That amazing 3 hour movie that I sadly cannot remember shit about. This was 2 hours long but it was entertaining the entire time. Shoutout to Landmark and its hidden Indie film gems. My bros enjoyed it as well. The theater was literally packed. When it ended, the dude next to me screamed NO PLOT. Chill bruh haha.

IMG_0063Yo. Check this out tho. My bro copped this bucket of edamame that they HEAT UP FOR YOU. Wtf Landmark you are so extra ahaha. And they warm it up for you. But really, they have the best popcorn and the best snacks. Slicker than your average. Downside, my bro really dropped 6 bucks on it. Lmao.

I really wanted to go to LC’s book signing at The Grove today but I didn’t have a book haha. My roomie got in and I’m so beyond jealous. The Hills was my life. Literally haha. What else… went to Bar Method and it was so hard. Seriously not getting any easier haha. I just want to be strong damnit.

I had a rough start to my day. Told some of yll, but damn. Life. :|.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Ugh don’t wanna like this track but I do haha.


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