IMG_0050.JPGTINASHE is literally bae. I am so obsessed with her. I’ve seen her live before but she absolutely killed it tn. If you reading this and you in the bay, please go see her on Tuesday in SF. She not only puts on a show but the crowd is so lit. It makes such a huge difference when everyone is vibing.

Sold out show at Belasco Theatre in downtown LA. Super dope venue. My hg was seriously the plug tn shoutout to her <3. I invited my roomie and my other hg, who’s bday is today <3. We mobbed around 10pm and got there when Blackbear was opening. He has a song called Dirty Laundry that’s dope. Also I guess we missed Mike Posner haha random.

My hg legit hooked it up at a table with free drinks. I don’t drink so I told my friends they had to. Such a small world too, this dude I knew was at the table. He knew my hg’s boo. Swear LA is so small sometimes… The table was on the balcony up top so we legit had a perfect view of the stage. So dope haha. Wish we had it like that all the time. I’m usually the basic bitch down below in the crowd haha.

Sadly I didn’t know Tinashe’s new album was called Joyride, but this was the Joyride World Tour. So makes sense haha. She’s legit 23 and from la la land, and just the cutest thing haha. She was in her hometown. Her career took off after her hit single 2 On, which she encored with. She danced her ass off and had on the dopest outfits haha I was joccin them hard.

I worked all day. It was brutal. But I made it. I’m literally at peace rn and it’s so refreshing. It feels like everyone around me is having problems and for once I’m able to be there for them without complaining about my own shit. It’s nice haha but feels weird.

I also made up with a friend from home. I have no bad ties rn and I’m so happy.

One love.

TRACK OF THE DAY: So fucking good live.


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