Andre Nickatina.


ANDRE NICKATINA. The OG of the OG rappers from the bay. Seriously, nothing beats that Bay Area hype. We grew up to the hyphy movement. It’s in our blood haha. That’s why I love going home, hearing Mac Dre on the radio never fails. Anyways. My homeboy texted me over a month ago asking if I wanted to see him for $5 at Novo. Done.

I’ve seen him hella times haha. One time was at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz and he was too fucked up to perform :|. The crowd was pissed haha. I legit can’t believe he’s still doing shows. He old af lmao. He legit rocked an Ecko sweater that looked faded like from the 90’s.

My homegirl met us and she only knew one song: Ayo For Yayo. His trademark haha. But I enjoyed his set tn. A lot. He legit has so many hits and he played everything I knew. Glamorous Lifestyle is my life anthem. RIP The Jacka. Omg and him shouting out Mac Dre was everything. He closed the show with Since ’84. My shit.

Oh, credits to my hg for that pic on her iPhone 6+. I really wanted to get the Ecko on his sweater to be clear and my camera phone literally failed.

His show was lit but he was on stage so effortlessly. Like when’s he gonna retire haha. For good. Actually ran into some heads from the bay so that was nice. Seriously, nothing like bay heads. We’re just way better haha.

Day was long af. Class all day. Went on a run in between. It was hard af haha. Got a mini surgery in my mouth yday so I’m living with that. But it’s okay. Bc everything is good. God is good.

Oh my boss told me I should go to an AA meeting to calm my soul. DAAAANNNGGGGG. Shots fired haha.

TRACK OF THE DAY: One of my fav tracks.


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