The Perfect Match.


Yoooooooo. Fr tho. P. Diddy is a boss for being with Cassie haha she is bad af. Legit couldn’t get over it the entire movie haha. Every outfit and every scene she’s literally flawless. On purpose obvi haha but still counts. She also has mad piercings haha but in one ear only. It works for her tho. She’s literally amazing in this movie.

The Perfect Match at The Grove at 10:25pm. I had a long ass day: class, work, gym. And I’ve been wanting to see this movie since it came out haha. Love that homeboy was d. He didn’t like it half as much as I did haha. It’s seriously my kinda movie. Cheesy and full of my fav people. Is it okay to say it’s a black movie? I don’t mean to offend anyone. Actually, French Montana is in it, so maybe it’s not haha. Jk. He plays himself. And I legit cannot handle his acting haha. Comedy.

From the title, you can probably guess it’s a love story. Terrence J plays the player who falls in love with Cassie, duh. Gay bestie was drooling over Terrence while I was drooling over Cassie lmao. I’m not gay I swear. Also drooled over Lauren London who’s with my main man/favorite rapper Nipsey Hussle. Like they’re so cute haha. Dascha Polanco from Orange Is The New Black is in it, and I swear she looks better without make up haha. You know how some people it just be like that?

This movie def won’t blow you away. It’s pure entertainment and mindless. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You might not tho haha. Batman v Superman out this weekend. Are people excited?

I legit snuck into LA fitness tn cause I froze my membership. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And ya girl is broke lmao.

TRACK OF THE DAY: New flame from my fav people from the IE.



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