The Divergent Series: Allegiant


Had to copy and paste that title haha. Okay so this is the third movie in the Divergent series… if you don’t know Divergent, then you don’t know Divergent lmao. I would say it’s comparable to Hunger Games… just a fiction story tale with lots of action. This movie was BASHED by critics haha. Like… 10% :0. It honestly was not that bad at all so idk why it did so horrible.

Me and gay bestie hit the 9:55pm showing at The Grove. I was so fucking jealous cause he got to see Kristin Cavallari at a book signing at Barnes and Noble a couple hours earlier. I was absolutely obsessed with Laguna Beach and The Hills. Biggest guilty pleasure ever haha. I have def seen every episode. ANYWAYS. Salty I didn’t get to see her. She’s perfect haha.

I had to mentally prepare myself for this 2 hour 19 minute long movie. It actually ended at 2 hours. Wtf Flixster?! Haha fr threw me off but I was def not complaining. Honestly, I came for my girl, Shailene Woodley. She’s so pretty haha and I swear she was like golden the entire movie. Homeboy was in love with Theo James. I guess the squad is the same in all 3 movies. Hell if I know with my memory haha. I actually just texted the homies I saw the second one with. Told them I missed them haha it was in the bay <3.

I wasn’t really present throughout the movie haha it was pretty mindless. I just touched down back in LA today so I felt like I just kept thinking about the shit I had to do haha. The movie was def to get my mind off it tho. At one point me and homeboy started cracking up bc the scene was so damn cheesy haha. I honestly feel bad it got such bad reviews- it was not that bad.

Day was busy. Started off with one last acupuncture sesh back home. Then flew out of San Jose airport but FUCK SOUTHWEST. Forever delaying flights, forever fucking with our hearts. Man haha. My flight was empty af tho. Legit they told us to claim our own row haha.

Went to Bar Method in Weho when I got back. Man. Shit is so hard still. Then went to sell clothes at Crossroads. Only took 2 items those motherfuckers haha. Got 9 bucks. Used that money towards a pedicure haha. Mobbed home showered and did some school shit. I miss the bay a lot. That was such a tease. I wish I could stay for a week at least.

I’ve decided I’m gonna move after I finish school. I’m too comfortable in LA. Would move to New York in a heartbeat if I could skip the winter somehow haha.

Grindmode. Let’s get it fam.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Shazam-ed this right when I touched down in the bay haha. Shoutout KMEL.


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