Future Hendrix. San Jose was the last stop on the Purple Reign Tour. Didn’t even know haha that’s dope tho. And APPARENTLY, this was the fastest show to sell out on tour, within 30 seconds. Didn’t know San Jose was poppin like that. It was at the Event Center at San Jose State University which I’ve def been to. Years ago haha. Nothing has changed.

Went with one of my best homeboys and hg from hs, who are dating now. *acronym game* It’s cute haha. Future had 3 shows in LA haha and they all sold out. He’s seriously on the come up. The show had stage set up af haha. It was hella bright too, low key blinded us. Everything has to be a rave now haha strobe lights for days. We showed up during Ty Dolla $ign, as he performs Blase Blase of course. I was chilling tho, I’ve seen that man enough to know his set lmao.

San Jose is a trip haha. The people mayne haha. If you live here you know what I mean. Not in a negative way, just observing. We called for set times earlier and since it’s a college campus or whatever, they had curfew. THE SHOW ENDED AT 10:30pm. Future only played an hour set, mad short. I thought it’d be longer on his tour. I’ve seen him a LOT lmao. #FutureHive.


I was waiting for DJ Esco the entire time and he legit didn’t come on til like halfway through haha. Why’s Future hiding my baby daddy. He was lit though. Had on his little backpack. I swear he was just entertaining the crowd so Future could get a breather lmao. At one point Future pulls up jerseys over the stage, that had all his dif projects. The Beast Mode one was lit haha except it was Cavs colors.

Ran into some heads from Sunnyvale! Love them. Always. Bay heads >  LA. They’re just so much nicer…. friendler….better…

Anyways, we had a good time. I love the bay so much. Day ones. What better way to catch up haha. They actually hit the after party after in SF lmao at 1015 Folsom. I legit am such a party pooper. I went to the bank and deposited some cash flow. Then hit Safeway for snack and now I’m here. Saturday night turnup.

I REALLY NEED TO CLEAN MY ROOM TMRW. Make me please. I got acupuncture today from my dad’s lady. Shit is so painful yo.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Actually the only track I liked on this mixtape haha.


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