Justin Bieber.


I seriously used to be Justin Bieber’s biggest hater. I seriously could not stand him, mostly bc him. And just…. him lmao. Actually recently, in Zoolander 2, he does a cameo and gets shot in the first scene ha. I was like YAS. But anyways, his last album Purpose was fire. There’s honestly no denying that haha. Homeboy has talent…

Me and my best had been scheming to go to his show for months. Literally couldn’t make it in San Jose last night, so she asked to go in Oakland in Friday. I was so d haha. Literally. All his shows are sold out so we’d have to Stubhub it. Speaking of, he’s having 3 shows at Staples Center in Los Angeles next week. Three!! I was d more for the drive and to hang with my girl… he was just a bonus.

We trolled Stubhub and decided to wait til right before the show to cop in case they went down. THEY DID. Holla. Honestly tho… I literally lead us to a lower level section with the most perfect view. It was right on the side of the stage where you could see EVERYTHING. It was seriously so lit haha. We had to move a couple times bc we were in people’s seats but no biggie. So worth it. Pay myself on the back lmao.

We got there when Post Malone was on stage. I honestly couldn’t believe he was opening for Bieber like how that happen? White Iverson still goes so hard tho. There was a fucking 45 minute intermission before Biebs came on haha at 9:15pm. They’re so on time here lmao unlike these rap shows that lag for hours.

I legit couldn’t handle the screaming teenage girls dude. Like his fan base is legit….. them haha. It was for sure a sold out arena. Oracle reminded me of Roaracle the whole time haha GO DUBS. Smh homegirl got tip tip and I had to drive home. She was legit in love the entire time lmao. She said she would fuck him… she’s 26.

I liked his outfits tho haha. At one point he had on a shirt that said “Bigger Than Satan.” Meaning he believes in God. I can respect that. I just feel like he’s so cocky haha. Like he prob looks in the mirror and loves himself. I got kinda bored at the end LMAO.

There were so many kids there. And groupies lmao. It was entertaining for sure. Justin tried to dance a lot. Tried jk. He’s actually so talented. Gave us a little guitar and drums solo. It was lit. He encore-ed with Sorry. The show ended exactly at 10:45pm.

AND THEN. We were legit stuck in the parking lot for over 1.5 hours. No chill. 0 chill. They need to fix that. I was so hot haha. But KMEL kept me alive. They seriously slap Bay songs allllll night. I would move home for them fr haha.

I’m sad I wish I had more time home. I legit have so much to do and I wanna just be able to chill and see my friends. Sigh. Oh well.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Love this one.


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