The Young Messiah.


I honestly was not present for this movie at all lmao and it was 2 hours long. The Young Messiah at The Grove at 9:40pm with gay bestie. I hit up Bar Method at 7:45pm and that was the earliest showing so why not. Bar Method killed me today tho. I’m starting to love with it and I’m sad my Groupon is gonna end soon lmao. Oh well. I’m debating getting the Classpass. I really benefit so much more when instructors tell me what to do haha versus just going to the gym and getting on Stairmaster and calling it a workout. Also genuinely just want to get stronger. Sigh. That takes nutrition, and I eat like shit.

Anywho, the movie is another fucking Jesus movie haha and I don’t mean to be negative. Or say his name in vain or whatever. It’s just so awkward when Hollywood or any type of entertainment tries to retell the Bible idk. This movie had 7 year old Jesus discovering who he was. Like what haha. I mean it was interesting but my mind was so scattered I had so many thoughts. Was def zoned out for the first hour haha. We had fun tho. We were excited cause we thought we had the theater to ourselves but then 2 people came. We still chat tho. That’s inevitable with me haha.

My phone was spazzing and restarting the entire movie 😦 and I started future trippin about having no phone and no time to hit the Genius Bar. And then it would turn on. All that trippin for nothing haha. But still, something’s wrong. I actually had a conversation with a client today about technology. He busted out his flip phone and said the phone should just be a tool for one purpose: to call.

It was so interesting bc he’s actually a programmer and super smart. You would think he’d be d with this new era of smart phones but nope. The opposite. Omg my phone just restarted again ): this is bad.

Today was long, but I got to walk with that same client at Echo Park Lake. That place is honestly so pretty, especially on a sunny day in LA like today. Felt blessed.


Oh, happy birthday to bae. Jhene Aiko is 28 today.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Kehlani’s verse tho.


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