The Brothers Grimsby.


Good ole Borat. Had no idea what I was getting myself into with this one. All i know is homeboy saw it and said it was funny and it was short and I needed to get my mind off life haha. I hit up my hg and she was d. We hit the 8:10pm showing at The Grove. I lured her in with the free pass I had from walking out of The Witch lmao. The Brothers Grimsby: a British–American spy action comedy film. Thanks Wiki.

This movie is absolutely ridiculous. It’s only an hour and 23 minutes but it’s legit so fucking…. just ridiculous haha. Perverse doesn’t even cover it. So many scenes that just literally made me cover my eyes because it was making me nauteous haha. I’m talking super explicit shit like… 2 dudes getting stuck inside an elephant’s asshole and then another elephant comes and they start fucking. With them inside. Idk if that made sense, you’d have to see it. Honestly was surprised this movie was passed for the big screen haha.

Anywaysssss. Borat dude is Sacha Baron Cohen. My hg pointed out his wife in real life was in the film, Isla Fisher. She’s honestly so pretty and I loved her in Confessions of a Teenage Shopaholic, or whatever that movie was called haha. The whole time I’m like, how does she date him haha or take him seriously. Cute though. Oh Fat Amy is in this haha which adds to its ridiculousness.

We enjoyed it. I would say go for it if you’re bored haha but idk if I’d drop $15. Maybe wait for Netflix lmao. I mobbed to The Grove right after Bar Method. I hit the 6:30pm class which had like a third of people than what I was used to. Omg I got so much attitude from the Asian receptionist lady tho. Like yo be nice, I’m your people haha. She had gotten on my case for wearing shorts… I mean. Shit. Okay. She almost didn’t let me in. And OMG parking is legit psychotic in Weho around traffic hour. I ended up valeting for $6 😦 Fuck me haha. Not okay with that.

Wait I need to work on being less cheap haha. Working on it. I’m at my internship again tmrw. Today was brutal haha. As always.

I guess I can be productive now. One love.




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