Rockie Fresh x Elhae

IMG_6213First up, Elhae. My hg asked me to hit this show and I was so d, but not for him. It was a Rockie Fresh show with Elhae opening. I was amped bc I love Rockie. His Fresh Veggies mixtape with Casey Veggies gives me life! He’s signed to MMG, and I had a feeling Rick Ross would show face. I was right haha.

But lemme touch on Elhae first. Shoutout to him, he just got signed to Atlantic/Warner. He’s a singer/rapper out of ATL. My hg LOVES him, as much as I love Rockie lmao. We’re soulmates it’s great. The show was at The Roxy, one of my fav venues in LA. Super intimate, right on Sunset Blvd. Doors were at 10:30pm, which def meant there was a show there before haha. Dunno how venues pull 2 shows in one night.

We got set times, bc set times are bae. Elhae wasn’t on til 11:30pm. There was a line when we got there boo. But it went quick. Legit everyone was there for Elhae, not Rockie. That blew my mind. I ran into a friend there who works in the industry. I was saying how El looks like Vic Mensa lmao. He told me he had been around longer than all them fools. That’s so crazy. Hard work pays off mayne.

So he just dropped an album called All Have Fallen. Oh also, ELHAE stands for Every Life Has An Ending. I told my hg I thought it was negative haha. She replied, it’s true. Good point. It just made me think of death and death scares me haha. Anyways. I caught up with Elhae at the end of the show. Asked if he heard of DX and if we covered him. He said na so I’ma pitch it to my editor haha.


During El’s set, we all saw Rick Ross on the balcony. We were stoked haha at least I was. I love Ricky Rozay. Rockie came out like 12:40am, yes it was late af haha. He actually brought out Rozay pretty early on. Prob so he could dipset ahaha. Maybe get some wings jk. He actually is a lot slimmer. Anyways. Rozay played his signature track, B.M.F. It was lit af, esp at a small venue.

Rockie’s set was lit too. He played all my fav tracks, including Down To Roll. He just dropped a project which is what this tour is for. Mmm. It’s lit. Super dope night.

Omg I died at work this morning with one hour of sleep. Legit died. I thought about fake passing out LMAO. I’m done. With myself.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Secretly just love the first 2 lines on this track lmao.


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