The Other Side of the Door.


Yo, you see this picture? Guess what happens next, just guess. *crying face emoji* This was the scariest movie I’ve seen in a minute lmao. Pure fear sitting in that theater I swear.

Me and gay bestie hit the 9:55pm showing at The Grove. I literally had just gotten off work and so had he. This was technically my choice but it was also the only movie he and I hadn’t seen lmao. It’s hard to match sometimes. But yeah, my girl texted me she could get me into the Pusha T show which i HELLA was trynta hit, but I couldn’t cancel on him. Didn’t want his wrath fr lmao. Plus I was driving by. Shoutout to Hollywood being so far from home sometimes. Buys you time to make last minute plans haha. Forever trynta to not go home.

Okay the film tho… I knew it was a scary movie. Didn’t think it would be so damn terrifying. It was honestly really good tho. It got like 50% but I would def give it more. If you like scary movies, this is def your steez. Here’s the plot:

A grieving mother (Sarah Wayne Callies) upsets the balance between life and death when she opens an ancient door that serves as a mysterious portal between two worlds.

It takes place in India. The mom loses her son in a car accident I believe, and basically is grieving really badly. So she reaches out and crosses that boundary between life and death. Idk. I could see a lot of people doing that actually. Like you lose your son 😦 and try to talk to him and shit. So sad. This reminds me of a line I heard today that I thought was beautiful. Will post below.

What else…. me and homeboy literally screamed our heads off haha. There were only 3 other people in the theater and they didn’t think it was scary at all (I asked them at the end). Ha. Whatever. It was just a lot of jump scary moments combined with fucking creepy scary beings. It was intense haha and short! So it’s doable. A little over an hour and a half.

So I’m still training at work and the head honcho actually trained me tn which was really intense. I was busy af and there’s SO much to learn. I hate being new. Legit hate it. Just feel incompetent you know? I hope I catch on soon.

Went to therapy last night after work. That was intense. Um, I’ve gained like 20 lbs. Okay maybe 17, idk I don’t have a scale. But no chill. But she wanted that for me. She told me I can maintain now haha COOL. My mouth still hurts. It actually bled again today 😦 But whatever. Dunno how I’ve been eating more honestly but I have.

I’m at that point in my life where I’m really reevaluating my circle. And with that comes my own efforts on relying less on people. It hurts but I’ve put too much time and value into my friendships only to get the short end of the stick. Idk. Real reflective rn haha.

TRACK OF THE DAY: “I wish heaven had visiting hours…” Bas’ album goes hard yo. Super mellow vibes and that hip hop we’ve been missing. Shoutout to J. Cole and shoutout to Dreamville.


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