Lil Durk.


Turn. Up. Tn was super lit. Legit was turnt af sober af haha minus a lot of Motrin. I found out about this Lil Durk show from an email lmao. I hit up one of my good homegirls and she was d, I was so happy haha. It was at Los Globos over by Silverlake, kinda deep from me. I really like this venue. Been here a couple times. Got kinda lost on the way and witnessed a police chase on foot when we arrived in the area haha. We were so amused. This lady cop was running and legit was out of breath lmaoooo. I’m done.

I actually hit up the plug for this one. He walked us right in. Shoutout to him fr, the real MVP. He throws shows at Los Globos all the time for underground rap artists. Not this show tho. Apparently, they lost money. Ouch. That has to suck haha.

I forgot who put me on Durk. But homeboy has over 2 million followers on IG. I think that def has something to do with dating Dej Loaf. So weird haha. I heard she’s a bitch haha. Anyways, I’m a huge fan of the Chief Keef 3 hunnid/OTF/GBE movement. OTF means Only The Fam and I live by it haha. It has a ring to it. Glory Boyz Entertainment is his label. I think some drama happened with Durk nd em tho.

These fools rep their hometown of Chicago tough. They’re literally babies, which means they were gangbanging at like 13 or 14 years old. That’s so nuts yo. Glad they’re out. That reminds me of the Chi-raq movie I saw that was so damn ridiculous haha. Anywho. I was standing next to Fredo Santana for a hot minute. It’s lit haha.

We pulled up around 10:30pm. The set times were posted and Durk wasn’t on til 12:20am. Ahhhhh fuh hella early!!! Hate that lmao. It turned out to be perfect though. So the show was upstairs, and downstairs was a whole nother turnup. Legit this thing called Hangtime where DJ’s come and spin the most poppin shit out rn like Future and Thugger over old school samples like 90’s R&B and shit. Dunno but me and my hg were eating it up. It was so super lit. Then we would hit the show upstairs. So perf.

Lil Durk took forever to come on stage. At one point, I thought he wasn’t gonna show. Fr haha. He took like an hour to come on. The DJ dropped all his slaps too. This emcee hopped on the mic and I’m positive half the venue thought it was Durk haha. Nope. Just stalling for him. Fr tho.

I asked my homeboy if he was there and he said yes cause he saw his bus pull up outside. He said he was prolly counting money lmao. Prolly. Actually just found out he signed to French Montana’s Coke Boys label. Whaaaa. I typed in Durk in my iTunes before the show, and didn’t realize how much of his music I had. Also how much he was on Frenchie’s shit haha.

It ended around 2am. It was raining out. Boo. We found street parking a couple blocks away tho. That was clutch. At this point, my meds wore off so I couldn’t wait to get home.

I had work at 7am today, but left after 3 hours :(. Was physically struggling so hard and my mouth was pulsing. I felt bad cause I’m still training. But better now right. Could barely nap. Wrote an article. Ran to Collegrove, the new 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne project. Super lit. Went to the grocery store. GOT A MASSAGE. Shoutout Joy Foot Spa. Y’ll my life.

Hopped out the shower and my hg pulled up. I’m happy. Night was good. Day was bad but hey, night was good haha. ❤

TRACK OF THE DAY: He closed out with this one. I love it.


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