London Has Fallen.


I didn’t have a choice BUT to like this movie lmao. Homeboy was LOVING it. Sometimes, the people you go with make such a difference. They don’t make you go one sway or the other, but they def can influence. I enjoyed this film. It was very entertaining.

Me and gay bestie hit the 9:25pm showing at The Grove. Almost got a massage instead haha but he convinced me otherwise. Shit, I want a massage so fucking bad. I started massaging myself in the movie. My mouth still hurts. Been poppin pills to alleviate the pain but it still bugs me. I can’t believe I have a hole in my mouth. No one gonna date me fr haha.

So I guess this is the sequel to “Olmypus Has Fallen.” No se. But we are getting Gerard Butler two nights in a row fasho haha. He kills this role. Aaron Eckhart plays the President. Homeboy thinks he’s gorgeous and can sway him. I’m like b, you can’t just turn straight people gay lmao. Omg Angela Bassett we found out is 57 years old! I only found out who was recently bc she was on The Breakfast Club or some shit haha. She is not 57, no way.

This is like any other war/President/action movie. Lots of guns. Gerard Butler plays the head of Secret Service whose job is to protect the POTUS obvi. It takes place in London, obvi. It’s beautiful tho. I hella would love to visit. The movie’s only an hour 40 minutes. I actually would recommend it. It technically comes out tomorrow so ratings aren’t out yet. The only downside is the picture. Some parts were too computer generated for my liking. Idk, I need shit to look realistic.

Had to sell my Fetty Wap ticket tn. He had a show at the Hollywood Palladium with Post Malone opening. Both amazing live. Shirley sad haha. Fomo is okay though. I’m chillin. Had a good time tn.

Omg I tried Bar Method today. I bought a Groupon for 30 days unlimited classes. It’s a workout fasho. You don’t really sweat, but you shake. You know, one of those. It’s a full body workout aka I’ma be sore tomorrow. The instructor makes it a point to know you by your first name haha. I went to the Weho location, and parking is a major bitch. We can say that about every part of LA though right. Sigh.

Kendrick Lamar released a mixtape with each track untitled. Do you know how much that bugs me lmao.




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