Gods of Egypt.

So glad I went to the movies so I can report about my nightmare of a day. Possibly one of the worst days of 2016, and will be come the new year. First of all, March? What the. Today was the most painful experience emotionally and physically. So I had work at 5pm, and scheduled a dentist appointment at 11am cause my right back tooth was sensitive. I didn’t fully knock out til 6:30am so I was legit exhausted when I woke up at 10am and had to drive to Westwood. It’s the longest 2o minutes of your life when your half asleep trying not to die driving. Feel like I’m that prime example of the warning label: May cause drowsiness, do not operate vehicle. Of what not to do haha.

My dentist couldn’t figure what was wrong, which was a HUGE red flag. Even through the X-ray. She said she had to send me to a root canal specialist and I might need my tooth extracted. That had me so worried. It was my third day on the job and I couldn’t afford to call in. It’s so sad bc those were my only thoughts at the time. Making it to work and not missing work.

Obviously can’t function under pain tho. My tooth had been giving me a headache for a couple days and it killed to eat. I had to get this taken care of. Luckily, the root canal specialist was down the street in the Westwood medical building. Unluckily, they had me waiting for days :(. Just sitting in the lobby, miserable. Today was a lot of that. And of course, things are magnified when you’re in pain.

When they finally saw me, the specialist again second guessed the procedure. Like wtf is wrong with me 😦 feel like such a mf lost cause sometimes. But he ended up sending me 2 floors down to another doctor. He was the implant specialist I guess. So many specific paths and options in the medical field. It’s mind boggling. What really blows me is that most marijuana docs have their PhD’s and shit. Like wtf you really believe in weed huh?

So it was settled. I needed an emergency procedure to extract my tooth. They had to put me under for it, which is so fucking terrifying. I’ve had a couple wisdom teeth pulled and remember it being terrifying. This time tho, they said the anesthesia would have to be through IV aka needles aka DIE. My worst nightmare.

Now this is the saddest part of the story haha. The doc said I couldn’t drive. It’s cool doc, I’ll just uber. “No, uber just drops you off at your door step.” Fine, I’ll call my brother. He can be here in an hour to pick me up. Can we do it now? “No, he has to be here at the beginning of the procedure.” Like FR? Why??? For emergency purposes. Ugh. My poor bro had to come from work in Cerritos and take time off to take care of his forever annoying little sister. Fine. Whatever.

What really got me is.. I really felt like I had no one to hit up. In LA. In the bay I have 2 heads I can totally count on. But here? I didn’t wanna bug no one. Like they’re all working and shit. I would never want them… I just don’t want to be a burden. But actually I was joking with the receptionist later… she was mad cool. She was like ya girl you better reevaluate your circle. I was like damnnnnn haha. Cole world.

I had to drive my car to my apt and my bro had to pick me up. When we finally got back to the office we had to wait for days… again. Man serious waiting game when it comes to health. That’s an issue fr. Wait that’s all we talk about in social work policy classes haha nvm. Meep. Help.

The procedure was traumatizing. But at least I lived to tell it. They couldn’t find my veins to put the IV in and they kept pricking me. Each arm. I started having a panic attack and balling my eyes out. Legit had the laughing gas mask on and it didn’t do shit. So interesting. How my body just doesn’t react. I def think I know why. Def has to do with my history of substance abuse. Anywho.

I swear I feel like I never knocked out. But post procedure I was on one. So woozy and actually in some pain 😦 It hurts meow too. I need to take meds.

I fell asleep for a bit after my bro left. Again, best bro in the world award. Constantly saving my ass. He’s actually going through his own shit too. Big career choices ahead. And poss moving to LA!! Eek. I was so behind (in life) when I woke up so I did some work on the comp. Gay bestie texted me about Gods of Egypt and fuck it. Why not. Get out a little.

I was late af and had to drop off meds at the pharmacy. But met him for the 8:20pm showing at The Grove. We had discussed earlier how it was okay if we left early since it got 11% lmao. He ended up really liking it which I was surprised cause he’s usually a tough ass critic.


Yo honestly my friends were talking shit about this film haha. Like who would go see it. Haters gon hate. Whatever it’s free haha. I thought the chick was hot af in it haha. Gerard Butler is the star. And some dude who loses his eyes in the beginning. Gerard rips them out of him. Can you imagine?

This movie was very animated. The whole time I was trynta figure out if it was low budget or high budget haha. Some part looked legit but others looked like straight shit. Oh it’s in 3D too. That means they for sure tried right? haha idk. I wish you guys could talk back to me when I ask these questions lmao. Need some love rn.

Not sure I could tell you what it was about haa. It’s just entertainment. Would def only recommend it if you have the Moviepass doe. Our theater was actually surprisingly hella packed. I actually left before the movie ended. A little over 2 hours. Omg made it to the pharmacy with a minute to spare. So nerve racking.

I’m just trynta understand life guys.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Heard this on a non rap radio station and really liked her voice lmao.



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