Triple 9.


Let me just lace you with some knowledge. Triple 9 is the police code for HELP. OFFICER DOWN. Cause we all need to use that in our lives right. Jk. As much as I hate them, the po-po are important. We talk shit all day but imagine a world with no type of justice system or legal authority. That’s terrifying.

This movie was a trip haha. My gay bestie called it ratchet which I thought was absolutely hilarious. Not sure he knows what that word means, but I went along with it. It was honestly a bit ghetto tho. It takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, which is actually pretty high on my travel hit list. I’ll be there soon.

We hit the 10:10pm showing at our home, The Grove. There wasn’t many people there at all haha. But it was chill. It got like 50% reviews so why not. We were mad confused the entire time haha but it was really intense. Like…a lot of gangs and guns and violence. It was super explicit. At one point, there was like 4 decapitated heads on a car just chillin. We were both like :0.

I am looking up the cast and I can’t even tell who was the main character lmao. Legit stumped. Kate Winslet is in it though and plays a boss bitch haha literally just posted. I barely recognized her and her roots were terrible haha. Who else… Anthony Mackie looked familiar, was informed he was the falcon in Avengers.

The plot says it’s about a group of dirty cops blackmailed by the Russian mob. I’ll stop there. There was a lot of action, so it was entertaining to say the least. There was a lot of 2 Chainz and ignant hop hop throughout so I was lit haha. It really makes the experience for me I swear.

Class and second day at the new job today. Traffic was not the business. I always drive illegally and I need to stop. Illegally meaning go in the other lane and bypass everyone. Sigh. Patience is a virtue. I got to be off 20 minutes early and it made such a difference haha. Feel me? That freedom feeling haha fuck…

I tried Lunesta last night for my insomnia. Highly do not recommend it. I felt like shit the entire day. Literally like a hangover that wouldn’t go away. My neck hurt, body hurts, plus it taste like shit. How can a pill taste bad right? Exactly. Convinced I’m the exception and I have a sleep disorder. Bye.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Played my fav playlist today and there was hella old Cudi. Feeeeeels.



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