Real 93.2 Birthday Bash


Nicki Minaj is GOAT. And her ass is legit like not okay haha. Speechless. Not real… in a literal sense haha. The Real 92.3, which is “LA’s home to R&B & Hip Hop,” had their birthday bash concert tn. The lineup was announced days ago, and I guess it’s their birthday/anniversary or some shit? My hg hit me about it first, it’s usually me haha. She was mobbin and asked if I wanted to go. She don’t even gotta ask.

I’m low key (high key) bummed Meek Mill couldn’t come through. That’s kinda who I was most excited to see. I’m so into him as an artist but anyways. His wifey headlining is equally as dope haha. She came on around 11pm and had a 40 minute set. Hella short but these radio concerts have so many people on the lineup. It’s chill.

It was at The Forum in Inglewood, which is comparable to Staples Center. One of the best BIG venues. I hate big venues haha. They went early like around 7pm, but I rolled up around 8pm. Just in time for FETTY WAP. I’ve seen him live and he is super lit. My hg is like obsessed with him, it’s actually hilarious. Also, we’re going to his show in like 4 days haha. He barely announced it, but it’s at the Hollywood Palladium. Come thru!

He played all his hit songs of course. He is creepy to me tho lmao that’s fucked up sorry. Next was DJ Khaled. I’m honestly so sick of that fuck haha. I’m sure half the world is still eating him up but, idk. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s funny, but it’s just so played out now. Literally we get it haha. He brought out Frenchie though, that’s my fav.

He brought out Snoop for a track too. Random. It’s LA doe. If you the homie and you around, gotta show face on stage. Oh BTW, last 92.3 show, fucking Future brought out Drake. Sadly, nothing as exciting happened tn haha. Khaled played like 5 seconds of each track. So annoying haha. Such an ADD set.

Next was Big Sean… Sean Don. He’s bae too. He had on a cute outfit haha I was feeling it fashooooo. Next was bae Wiz Khalifa. I am obsessed with him haha as you all know. Old Wiz Khalifa literally completes my life. Stoner af haha. That fool took his shirt off by the end of the set and he is sooooooo skinny. Can’t deal haha.

OH I FORGOT. Nicki played her verse on the remix of YG’s “My Niggas” and then he came out. Love. Him.

I wasted my day sleeping today fml. Also tomorrow is February 29… wtf is the point of leap year? Another day to pay rent?

TRACK OF THE DAY: Hands down one of my fav old Wiz tracks. Both tracks actually.



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