Eddie The Eagle.


OMG wow. When I googled Eddie the Eagle just now, the real images of the ski-jumper showed up. And he looks EXACTLY like the actor who played his character. Taron Egerton, who my bro said was the main dude in Kingsman. So sad, I totally remember loving that movie but don’t remember shit from it. Anyways…

Seriously they look so similar haha they def picked the right guy for the role. Plus he kills it. Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine plays his coach/mentor in the movie, which is also why people were hyped for this film. It’s based on a true story about Michael “Eddie” Edwards, an Olympic ski-jumper who never stopped believing in himself. Even when the world doubted him. He picked up the sport fairly quickly, in his mid 20’s I believe. One day he was just like I’ma do this haha. First of all…. ski-jumping is a sport? Looks terrifying. You’re literally jumping so high… that pit in your stomach feeling that I legit cannot bear. I still somehow go on Drop Zone rides though. It’s all about that challenge haha. Nothing is scarier in this world than bungee jumping tho. Literally nothing.

Honestly, homeboy plays a total nerd the entire movie haha. We got kinda sick of his expression and him pushing up his glasses the ENTIRE movie. I wonder if the real Eddie was that bad lmao. He’s British btw. Overall the movie was chill. I was just so beat and tired haha. Almost fell asleep at the end fr. It’s an hour 45 minutes. Not too bad. I have reused the same popcorn bag like 5x lmao. Dunno if I’d call that cheap or frugal.

Went with the broskee to the 7pm showing at AMC Century City 15. Holy shit the theater was PACKED. We literally squeezed in two seats in the back. Honestly, there was a much older crowd. But then there were a lotta kids too… it was an inspiring story. The mom and daughter next to me were def touched throughout the film. Wait the older crowd is prob due to Saturday night. What else do parents do right lmao. Idk. I just know all my friends would rather turnup. Not I.

Shoutout to my bro for coming to visit me today. Fr he saves my life. I was def struggling. I was knocked out when he came through in the afternoon. Literally feel like the sleeping pills I take don’t kick in til the following day. I DON’T GET IT.

Omg omg omg. He brought in a package from the door and I was like… I didn’t order anything. Opened it and nearly cried. My girl from the bay asked me to be her bridesmaid. I was so speechless. It honestly made my week, month, year. She’s the sweetest human being on earth and I fucking adore her. I’m beyond honored. Not kidding, tears. She’s an angel. I’ve never been a bridesmaid either.

I had two things on my planner today and missed them both. Fail. Oh well. My bro suggested the Santa Monica stairs and I was like wow genius. It’s been on my LA bucket list fasho. I knew it was gonna be hell haha. Stairs in general are hella hard. It’s located up the PCH so it’s a beautiful drive. We went right when the sun was setting so it was beautiful. Those stairs are NO JOKE THO. We were dying.

We only did it 4x haha. We asked this girl who was going HAM how many times she does it… she said she was a local and is now up to 10. 10!!!! I die haha. She said when she first started, it was 3. So that made us feel a little better haha. Anyways, I forced us to do 4. We were sweating tits haha. It even hurt to go down. SM is such a beautiful city though. Such fresh air by the ocean.

3 people were killed on the 5 freeway tn. So sad 😦 I need to follow the news more. I only found out cause my bro was driving back to Irvine. But damn. Prayers to their family members and everyone involved. That shit makes me not wanna drive. Literally anything can happen at any given second.

Curry hit the game winning 3 against OKC tn and did the cutest lil victory dance after. Thas bae.

Also it’s leap year. But what’s the point of leap year? Extra day longer to pay rent? Jk.

I love my brother he’s my best friend.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Listening to Macklemore’s album only cause YG is on it lmao. No joke.


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