Air + Style Day 2.

Or half of day 2 haha. Definitely was not gonna last all day, so I went early on purpose. I did miss Migos though 😦 The one fucking act I wanted to see today. Them and Danny Brown smh. Oh well. I still had a good time.

I met my hg at around 3pm? Air and Style Day 2 let’s go. This time, I’m not gonna freeze haha. That was so miserable. I knew I was gonna dip out earlier. Got mad shit to do plus I’m feeling shitty. I think it’s allergies cause my shit is going cray.


My hg and her friend were at Travis Barker. BAE! I love him!!! He’s such an amazing drummer and he’s hot af haha. He remixed a shit ton of hip hop and throwbacks. He def knows how to please a crowd. We went to our same spot as yesterday, thank goodness. It’s a hot ass mess trying to meet up at festivals. My hg finally found me and my heart was eased haha. Forever anxiety. Forever hate being alone!

The festival was so empty compared to yday. Maybe people were gonna just come thru later for Incubus? They’re legendary right? Idk haha so is J. Cole… I didn’t mind tho. We had a great time strolling and people watching. After Travie’s set, we made our way to the main stage.

LMAO at the Real 92.3 radio stage/tent. They’ll always catch at least my attention with their ratchet music haha. We decided to troll for a little, met the DJ. Scored up on some booty shorts lmao. We were d. We next saw Big Gram, which is Big Boi from Outkast and Phantogram. They were soooooo good live. Fr. Both sounded amazing. I was sleeping and never downloaded their collab album, but I heard it was fire. Phantogram is a boss female artist.

We stayed for their entire set. Then we went to sit and watch Gramatik. I actually enjoyed his (?) set. I like EDM a bit more… I wanna say mainstream, but I don’t. So I won’t haha.

I was stressing all fucking day bc I think I parked illegally to save $25, but literally so not worth the stress haha. It took me a minute to walk back to my car too. Oh I made the executive decision to dip when Kaskade started. Seen him too many times. Esp in Vegas… damn pool parties. Why am I soooo lame now.

OH I saw fuckboy lmao. Holding hands with a female. How adorable. I was entertained.

I haven’t worked out in forever. But not today. Nope. I just wanna be able to sleep tbh. Can someone come hyponotize me?

TRACK OF THE DAY: They legit sound so bomb live.


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