It’s back! But for most of you… it’s the first time haha. Air + Style is a super dope mini festival/event combining music and snowboarding… or extreme sports. It’s put on my Shaun White who is GOAT in the snowboarding world. Last year, it was at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. This year it was at Expo Park in Los Angeles by USC. THANKS GOODNESS haha. I hate the Rose Bowl. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

The ticket situation for me this year was beyond words. Literally haha. I can’t even talk about it without cringing. First of all, when me and my homegirls first saw the lineup. We were lit. Impulsive per usual, we copped tickets right away. Mistake number one. That shit ended up on Groupon! For wayyyyy less. That’s a red flag yo haha. It made me sad. First of all, that’s a sign of desperation for me. The reality is, not many people know about this event. The marketing/promo was so weak, but I don’t know why. It’s such a dope concept.

It gets worse. I accidentally fucking bought 2 2day passes. Like what in the actual fuck. I didn’t realize it til like 2 months later. Funny thing is, my hg did the same thing! But she realized it right away and they were able to refund her. Smh yo. Their website set us up for failure fasho.

With Groupon as my competition, I knew I wasn’t gonna make my money back. They took it down for a little, but then it came back. AND THEN, it went on Livingsocial. Lmao. I cannot.

AND THEN, my best fran got free wristbands from work. Like HELLA of them. I could not. That’s like the ultimate ultimate fail haha. Shoutout to her for the hookup though. I sold my shit through CL. Evened out for one, but the second one was sad. It was the most annoying CL experience haha. The guy wouldn’t meet me at the crib and was just like super sketched out. I literally gave my address and realized I need to be more careful…

Anyways. I was in my feelings so I was totally trying to bail all day. I need to knock that shit off. It’s not fun for anyone haha. I always want to isolate and hide but that’s seriously so conducive to my depression. I like that word haha.

But long story short. I got a nail in my tire and had to wait at Firestone for 2 hours and pay $160. That was not in my financial buffet at all haha. FUCK. I was bored af so I walked to the nail salon. It was def on my todo list so I was d. Super sis as I walk the streets of La Cienega in my North Face and Uggs in the blazing sun. Smh I died.

AND THEN. Hell broke loose at the nail salon. I LEGIT hate cash only places. Like why?? Why fr haha. My cheap ass refuses to pull money from a basic ATM that charges you a fee. Nope. So I freak out. Since I was already shitty. I told them I had to get my car and the bitch didn’t trust me! I was mad offended.She wanted to hold my phone hostage which now I guess I can understand why. But at the time I was not having it. I gave her hell back. It was embarrassing. The entire nail salon was staring. Welllllppppppp. And then they charged me for those flimsy foam flip flops.

The bitch boss won. I had to leave my phone and walk to get my car and go to the bank and drive all the way back. Ask me if I tipped. Fuck that’s bad karma haha whatever. Happy Saturday morning haha.

I didn’t mob to Air + Style til like 4:30pm. Fashionably late af as always. I’ve seen most of the lineup so I wasn’t tripping. I was more going to be with the homies and have a good time. I actually knew a good amount of people going and saw them all! I love when that happens. Wait minus one. An important one I had to give something to. Oh well haha.


This is the lineup. So I met these amazing two people in my Uber Pool over there. We literally became friends haha. I never Uber so this was fun. My friend said he could take me home cause he drove. SHOUTOUT TO HIM. MVP. Anyways. We met up with my hg who was the plug at the Stoli Vodka beer garden. IT WAS SO LIT IN THERE lmao. Their marketing team deserves a major bonus. Literally everything was Stoli, you couldn’t escape it. There was a photobooth that spit out pictures right there. They also set it up where if you hashtag #stolivodka on your IG pic, it prints it out right there for you. So damn lit. You know I get excited over little things haha.

We spent a good hour there. Had to get this free blanket they had out at the hour if you buy a cocktail. Shoutout to my sober ass, my homeboy gave me his “drink.” Who would have known, that blanket saved my life. IT WAS SO FUCKING COLD. What happened LA???

Netsky killed it. They remixed so much hip hop I was so d. They’re drum and bass I think. I saw them at a small venue in LA before so I was familiar. The vibes of the event were so great. Except pause, it’s all ages. Like there were babies haha.


They have this huge ramp with fake snow, with competitions throughout the day. It was super lit. Hey Shaun White! Oh back to the ticket thing… he was giving out free wristbands at USC one dat. WHA. Bish haha. Literally I feel like this event was so desperate for people. Sad. Anyways. We saw part of HAIM, whom a lotta people were hyped to see. They were so not what I expected at all haha. It’s a group of females, like Indie pop? Idk. But they have a huge following. They were super mellow haha. But def sounded great.

Oh! I ran into Cozz. He had a set with Dreamville earlier that day that I def did not make lmao. But he is mad dope in real life. Super real. And he’s only 22! It’s only up for him from here. Esp signed to J. Cole’s label. That’s fam behind you right there. HELLA people recognized him and asked for pictures. It was the cutest thing.

We made our way over to Action Bronson. He brought Evidence on stage that was dope. He also always somehow manages to run off the stage at one point during his set. Predictable by now, but not everyone sees him as much as me lmao. My hg wanted a good spot for Cole so we made our way to the main stage over an hour early. Everyone had the same mindset haha. I went off with my homeboy and wandered. Twas fun. Dunno why I was so cold tho lmao. He kept offering my his jacket but I couldn’t accept it. He’s too sweet. Honestly tho, I need to train myself. Bc it really wasn’t that cold tn.

We left during J. Cole’s set. He sounded BOMB though. We wanted to beat the traffic. I was super down haha. I think I’ve seen Cole like 15+ times, but he’s always so good. He’s come a long ass way and he is seriously one of the greatest now. Salute. Oh, and he’s totally married now.

The festival was real cool. Lots of beer gardens, food trucks, alcohol haha. They had a merch booth that I’m sure everyone was purchasing just to stay warm. I’d def say it was like a mini Coachella. I hope their promo gets better so more people go bc it’s super lit.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Hella old Netsky track I used to fucking love haha.


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