This movie made me feel so weird. So uneasy. So weird haha. My gay bestie wanted to see The Witch, but this was sooner. And I had ADD so I wanted to go sooner. Shoutout to him for bearing this with me. Omg is that the correct way to spell bear? Whatever.

We hit the 10:30pm showing at our usual, The Grove. Honestly didn’t think this film was gonna be another Jesus movie. But it was. I was d cause it got like 80%. I mean it was good. But for me as a Christian, it just made me feel weird. Idk that’s the best way I can describe it. Some parts were just so intense. My heart was like so erratic.

I looked up the plot mid movie to make sure… So it’s the story of Christ told by a nonbeliever. Hey, I respect that. I think I just didn’t like who played Jesus haha is that terrible? Legit had a problem with the actor. I just think that’s such a fucking serious role like… blasphemy? But I know it’s seriously not that serious haha. I need to cool it. It actually got better towards the end. I think I’m just being a baby.

I actually hope my friends see this so we can talk about it. I wanna know what others think. It def reminds me of Passion of the Christ vibes, that famous film way back in the day. It’s just awkward when Hollywood meets the Bible. Like you know????

Dude in the movie was hot af tho lmao. Me and gay bestie were swooning for sure. Joseph Fiennes is the name. He was bomb haha. Homeboy was giggling throughout the film lmao. Then fell asleep at the very end. I cannot.

Anywho. Today was long as shit. Had class after 1.5 hours of sleep. I legit have had the most restless nights. Just laying there. I legit can’t turn off my 100mph thoughts going through my head. Like how do sleep meds not work 😦 it’s their sole purpose!

What else. Cleaned the toilet today and it made me nauteous lmao. Got a massage with my girls at Joy Foot Spa on La Cienega. Didn’t even know I had a free one cause I filled out my stamp card. Tipped my usual lady $12 cause I love her and she loves me.

What else. I have a nail in my tire and idk what to do. Officially so terrible at being an adult guys. SOS. Oh the movie made me wanna go to church tough haha.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Young Dolph dropped an album today. If you fuck with him, we can be friends.


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