Minus my best homeboy from home, 99.9% of my friends didn’t know who Cozz was. S m h. But I’m about to put y’ll on. He’s an LA cat signed to J Cole’s Dreamville label. I first fell in love with his music from his track “Dreams.” If you hear it, you’ll understand why. He raps about real shit and has a smooth flow. That real hip hop you don’t get from Future and the rest of them cats.

Also, if you listened to Dreamville’s last album, you’ll be familiar with Cozz. Me and my hg got tickets hella days ago when the show was announced. GOOD CALL cause that shit was mad sold out. My homeboy who works with them said they had to request 50 more tickets. I was super surprised, cause like I said, I thought no one knew. He said it’s cause the show was in his hometown. Made sense. The Roxy on Sunset is always a dope venue. Super intimate.


Shoutout to the nice gentleman who let me meet up with my homeboy in VIP. Convinced him to let my hg in too. Honestly it’s no different though. It’s literally a step higher than the floor and has tables haha. I was posted next to K Camp though. Love him.

Cozz put on such a dope show. He is super talented. Boogie came out and dropped “Oh My.” His squad was def all out there for the night. His energy was on point and the you could tell the crowd was pleased. Hella people rocking Dreamville and Fiends merch haha. “GWBW” is my fav track by him. Good weed backwoods haha. Yes I’m a stoner. Cozz had to light up to that one. Bas came out and they dropped “Tabs.” Amazing. I barely recognized him with his half length wanna be afro lmao. But he’s probably the second most famous dude on Dreamville after Cole. His album is dropping in two weeks.

This dude I met recently at a birthday in Weho was backstage, he goes by Enimal. Turns out he’s engineers for Cozz. I swear, this world is way too small for words. Amazing though haha. I said wsup to him before he hit the stage with everyone at the end. It was so damn lit.

My day was extremely long. Internship has me in my feelings haha. My supervisor was sick af but still stuck it out for the day. Respect? I guess haha. I had a rough night sleeping again so I went on a run at 7am. It literally was so hard haha but so good. Also, I have officially ODed on Kanye’s album. Yeup.

PS, Uncrustables are the shit.



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