How To Be Single.


I’ve been hyped to see this movie for so long haha. I didn’t realize it would get outshone by Deadpool and Zoolander 2 as much as it did. Sad. But honestly wasn’t as great as I thought it would be haha. Shit got a little serious and it was a tad long haha. Hour 50 minutes. I did enjoy it though. Fat Amy, aka Rebel Wilson, literally cracks me up every time. Every thing she says is just comedy haha.

I met up with my hg at AMC Century City 15 on Santa Monica. Yes I was just there yday haha. I was stoked to go at 7:30pm and not hella late haha. My hg was already in her seat lmao and I had thought I got there early haha. The movie takes place in New York and it just reminded me how much I wanna live there eventually. Like seriously though haha. I love Los Angeles but I need change.

I thought the movie was funny. We had fun. I was laughing throughout haha. The cast is pretty famous haha. But I was a little confused on the life message at the end. Whether they were for being single or for finding the one. That part wasn’t totally clear haha. It was some feel good shit tho. They def tried to reel you in to some positive vibes as the movie neared the end. There’s also the CUTEST damn lil black girl in it. She’s seriously so adorable haha.

My day was extremely hard. I had the worst sleep of my life last night :(. Literally so restless. Idk if it was the froyo I had at 11pm, or what it was. But I legit could not sleep, and it sucked. My hg left at like midnight, and I went to bed shortly after. Took my normal meds too. Idk what to say. But it made my entire day extremely anxious.

Had a meeting for school. Then class. Then gym. This Bodyworks class was actually super hard. Upper body strength forever lacking. Working on it tho. And gaining weight which I’m hating. Sigh.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Best song on the Kanye album.


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