Zoolander 2.


I was actually late to the Zoolander hype. I seriously barely saw the movie a month ago on Netflix. I guess it’s not there anymore? Anyways. That shit is hilarious. Idk, I’m into dumb mindless comedy haha. And the humor is seriously so stupid. Can you believe the first one came out 14 years ago? Like damn, that’s a long time. At what point were they like, okay time for the sequel haha.

I went with my hg and my brother at 5:10pm at AMC Century 15. Shoutout to them. We had good laughs. There were a ton of cameos… including Bieber getting killed in the very beginning haha. SPOILER ALERT sawrry. That was def entertaining though. The story line is pretty funny. I swear Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson didn’t age a second haha.

Afterwards my brother joined me for a therapy session. Sooooo intense. I’m literally just like… damn haha. Def much needed. PS I forgot how much I love froyo haha. This spot Milky’s down the street from me is the real deal. If you’re vegan, they have the most bomb peanut butter flavor haha.

Yesterday I spent Valentine’s Day with my girl. We hit the Harlem Globetrotters with my brothers in Anaheim. That shit was comedy ahha. I’ve always wanted to go, so it was fun. It’s literally a scripted basketball game for entertainment. It was empty af lmao.


Got tatted after. Ha. Impulsive always. Physical pain to mask the emotional pain. Ha jk. Not really. Shit hurt like a bitch. But c’est la vie is from one of my favorite hip hop songs ever. See below.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Idk. This song literally makes me cry.


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