Fifty Shades Of Black.


I’m embarrassed to say that I wanted to see this movie so bad haha. I legit had no idea what it was gonna be like… and boy was I in for a surprise. First of all. I’ve never really seen the Scary Movies. Marlon Wayans is the brains behind all these spoof movies, but man idk how they pass the test haha. Well, if there is a test for a movie to make it to the big screen.

This makes fun of Fifty Shades of Grey which I definitely saw. I thought that was bad in itself haha. This was legit the solid 7% it got on Rotten Tomatoes. I mean, obviously, I was entertained. It’s not hard to make me laugh. It starts out with a Chris Brown song that had be geeked, but then the jokes came and I was just like :0. Like I said, not familiar with his movies. The humor was SO crude and so sexual and just overall ridiculous.

Def sit this one out lmao. Shoutout to my homeboy who drove an hour to come see it with me. I had one of the lowest days I have had in a while… I fucked up today. I understand recovery isn’t a linear process but damn. Feels like it’s constantly one step forward and 10 back with me  :/. I just felt really guilty. My best friend from home was in LA for a couple hours but I wasn’t able to see her. Was also supposed to karaoke with all my old roomies tn. My eyes were puffy from crying and I just didn’t wanna show face :(. Boo. Sucks.

But thanks to my homeboy again for being there for me. It meant the world. He gets depression too so it was easy to talk about. Some people it’s like talking to a wall. No offense to them. In fact, I’d say they’re lucky. We hit the 10:40pm showing at AMC Century City 15. All too familiar. I had to get his movie to put him through the torture of the movie lmao. He’s such a good sport tho. I had to get out of the apt and get my mind off it. Literally was in bed sulking prior. Was in one of those wanna delete all my social media and move away and start new type of moods. So fucking dramatic. Meep.

Need to figure it out. Need to keep my head up. Need a lotta things. I haven’t even been smoking :|.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Beyonce broke the internet tn I guess. My Twitter TL was literally on fleek with Bey.


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