Hail, Caesar!


Okay, pause. This movie was actually really good. It was so quirky and funny and different. Hail, Caesar! With an exclamation point. Be sure to include that haha. This movie is a statement in itself fr haha. It was so bold. I hadn’t heard of it at all actually until my gay bestie texted me about it. It got good reviews and my plans fell through for the night so I was d.

Yes, we just went last night. Judge us. I told him I’d only go if he got the damn Moviepass lmao. Literally will save so much $$$$$. He tried, but said not until he gets paid. Meh. He ain’t gonna haha. Did I tell you guys they tried to raise the price on me?! From $35 a month to $45. Hell no. Apparently the movie demand is way high in LA…. um no. So my friend suggested keeping my Norcal address and it totally worked lmao. I said I moved back home. Hilarious. I hope I don’t get caught. Karma haha.

Anyways. 9:50pm showing at The Grove woooo. Our spot. There were only two showings today bc the movie technically isn’t out until tmrw. We were in a small theater but it was PACKED. We had to sit in the front but dgaf haha. I feel like front rows wouldn’t exist if it was really too close. Some people care tho…. Omg we sat down and this dude in our row was eating popcorn with chopsticks!! I was sooo entertained haha. He was definitely a server or someone who just got off bc he was still in uniform, but it was just so funny to see. Like who does that?!

Another chick sat in our row and she was by herself. I applaud anyone who can go to the movies alone. I think it’s such a positive sign of independence haha. For me tho, I just think it’s fun to talk to someone. If you know me, you know I like to talk through movies. Smh right?

Okay so this movie is a comedy/parody. I don’t even know where to begin haha. It’s by Joel and Ethan Coen… who are apparently somebody. It stars Josh Brolin, who homeboy thinks is so hot, and I do not haha. The movie is actually is about the filming of a Hollywood film called Hail, Caesar, with George Clooney as the actor. He suddenly vanishes and the story goes…. haha. It’s honestly so random but so entertaining. To me at least. Our theater liked it as well. There were many moments of laughing out loud.


Channing Tatum!!! Tap dancing haha. He is so fine. Oh and if you’re a guy, Scarlett Johansen is in there. For a split second lmao. The movie’s an hour 45. Totally doable.

My day was so long for some reason. The morning was okay, but the afternoon dragggggggged on. I know I should be cherishing every moment but damn. Sometimes you just wanna go home ya feels haha. Hit the gym before the movie. That was rough fasho.

Long day tomorrow. Let’s get it.

TRACK OF THE DAY: I listened to the Flume x Vince Staples song in my iTunes and now it’s all Flume. I’m d tho.



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