Jane Got a Gun.


Jane Got a Gun. The a is NOT capitalized guys haha. This movie was pretty interesting… different. It’s a Western movie featuring Natalie Portman, aka bae. It’s crazy how much an actor or actress can influence your desire to see a film. I went to the 10:05pm showing with my gay bestie at AMC Century 15. I literally parked in the same spot as I did on Monday lmao. I had to tell my roomie. If you guys have been to this theater, you know it’s confusing af to know where to park for the movies. I’ve got it down. Park at Gelson’s and take the elevator up. Ding.

The ticket dude told us this was only playing at select theaters. Luckily, AMC 15 is one of those theaters that get the exclusives. That’s LA for ya. I thought the movie was pretty interesting. It’s definitely different. There were a couple scenes where I noticed there was literally no music. I feel like there’s ALWAYS background music, so that was unique. You can probably assume Jane, and that she has a gun haha. It’s crazy how different life is depending on the era you live in, and location of course.

This takes place in the Old West, full of horses and fields of grass and outlaws. Reward signs for fugitives were posted on a board… dead or alive. That’s so damn ruthless I thought haha. The plot isn’t worth going over. Go see it 🙂

Before that, we had dinner reservations at Sur in Weho at 7:30pm for my roomie’s bday. I was excited cause I knew it was Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant, but I didn’t know she had 3! All in LA. She’s a boss ass bitch. Also very very very rich haha. Both my roomies watch her show so they know more than me. But I was excited haha.


I think we were expecting too much bc the restaurant is pretty mediocre. Minus the beautiful ambience and pink and purple lights. I got a salad bc I wasn’t that hungry but honestly looking at the menu, it wasn’t even that lit. The staff were pretty nice though. Okay but timeout: Sexy Unique Restaurant?! What a terrible acronym :|. Come on Lisa.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Motivation.


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