The Finest Hours.

I just got home from The Finest Hours, and it was fucking intense haha. We’re both just like whoa. It left us a little speechless. But it was really good. It’s a Disney movie based on a true story, a story that is actually seriously kinda unbelievable. It basically gives us a play by play of the real rescue mission that takes place in Massachusetts in the 1950’s.

A storm splits a huge boat in two, leaving the people on board stranded. Chris Pine, of course, the hero of the movie, braves out a team to go save them. They’re literally on this tiny boat in the middle of the ocean getting tossed around by the waves. The movie is Disney so it’s definitely not the most realistic, but you accept it early on.

They all went knowing the chances of making it out alive were super low. Idk. My heart hurt for a good chunk of the movie haha. There were many heartfelt moments. Oh yeah, the lady in the movie realllly bugged me. Chris Pine’s wifey. Idk. She was just super annoying. I get they wanted to find someone that looked like the real girl, but damn. She was so meh. Chris is a qt tho. White boy swag lmao.

The movie is 2 hours long. Pretty good throughout though. There’s a lot of buildup to the end which was good. I went with my roomie for her bday <3. Shoutout to her she’s the real MVP. She sacrificed sleep for me haha. She texted me earlier in the day she wanted to see a movie and I was so excited! No one’s ever d for movies, at least the majority of my friends.

She was d for this, and I was lit. My gay bestie went and saw it without me and I thought I had a very low chance of seeing it haha. Unless I forced my bro. Speaking of, this fool just went to Niagara Falls and Toronto for the weekend. NBD. Ugh jealous haha.

Sadly I couldn’t go til 10:15pm at AMC Century City 15. I actually had the most productive day. February 1st you gotta. Ha I saw this meme that was like, okay New Years resolutions start now. So true tho… I had my internship til 4pm. It was a busy day. Monday for sure. Then I went home and wrote an article, which I need to finish after this. Then I went to Yogaworks, which I hate to say, I did not love. Idk. Core Power Yoga is just so much better. This felt so…. just like yoga. No personality. Does that make sense? I signed up for a free week of classes again lmao. I also have a Groupon that expired in… 2012. TFW.

Then. I started therapy again guys. O m g. Literally scary af but I’m ready. Ready and hopeful. And scared. Really scared. So good at talking about everything else except me. The reality is I’m not getting any younger and I’ve wasted enough time. It’s time to fix myself.

There’s a whole story behind this and who I reached out to. But she’s literally the only person I feel like who can help me and where I’m at. I’m really glad I finally accepted I need help.

Rushed home just in time to shower and hit the movie. This took me WAY too long cause I’m distracted af haha. Okay gotta write. Muahs.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Isaiah Rashad is so dope.


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