Medieval Times!

This title gets an exclamation point bc it’s been on my LA bucket list since I been out here lmao. if you dunno. It’s exactly what it sounds like… a dinner and a show. In the Medieval Times. I was geeked when my roomie told me she was going for her bday. So there.

We had tickets for 5pm on a Sunday. She got a group rate cause there was 11 of us haha. But you’ll be paying around $50. It’s all the way in Buena Park in the OC, so a bit of a drive coming from LA. Shoutout to our hg for driving ❤ I was so not d today haha. I drive so much. Pulling up, the building was so lit! I was stoked haha. It’s like… a Disneyland type event. Like theme park vibes. Def a family function.

We had to get there a bit before 5pm apparently, so we were able to walk around the gift shops and what not. There’s horses locked in rooms on the outskirts. Yes, locked. They looked trapped :(. Me and my friend legit got stuck on one and how depressed he was. It made us sad. But just staring at the horse was so crazy. It is the most interesting creature. Every part of it haha. It was hilarious we kept hitting our head on the glass window as we were trying to look further.


We were all seated in a huge ass stadium, and it’s set up so that it’s one side versus the others. We were the red and yellow knight, and we sucked, apparently. Lmao. I was low key lost the entire show. I felt like nothing was really happening. But then again, nothing really was. It was just entertaining, and fun with your homies.

As always, I think most people are excited about the food. It’s really cool how they do it though. It’s like a 4 course meal and they don’t give you utensils haha. To resemble how they ate back in the day. My girl totally asked for some though and I could tell the server was hesitant.

You first get get tomato soup, which is actually my fav soup. It was lit. I had gone to lunch right before though, so I wasn’t about to have everything haha. You also get a small piece of garlic bread, chicken, corn, and potato. The dessert is this small apple croissant thing. They give you togo boxes too if you wanna take anything home. We got cake cause of the birthday girl.

It was a good time for sure. They spent a good amount of time in the middle saying Happy Birthday’s to everyone haha. Like there were a lot. We screamed when they said my roomie’s name. Duh. I’d recommend going at least one in your life haha. Even if it’s to say you’ve been haha.

Pretty fucking bummed tomorrow’s Monday. Also February 1 what in the actual fuck.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Fuego from Tory.



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