Tillllllerrrrrr. Godtilla. Pen Griffey. In the flesh. I’m geeked haha. If you don’t know. Bryson Tiller is that new wave of R&B that’s absolutely lit rn. This fool is from Kentucky and he’s only like 22 years old. Baby. His album TRAPSOUL was everything and I encourage everyone to hop on the train stat.


The Wiltern is one of my fav venues. It’s pretty close right in K-town. I went with my hg who sacrificed herself for the sake of her friends lmao. I love her. That means she ain’t even really into him but all her friends wanted to go so yeah. Def a sold out show so we Stubhub-ed it. So worth it.

Honestly, if you’re a dude, and you fuck with Tiller, I fucks with you. Music is hands down something we gotta agree on. It’s such a deep connection haha. Bryson Tiller came on a little after 9, and I knew his set wasn’t gonna be long cause of friends who seen him before. Oh, I also called before to get set times so we could show up right on time lmao.

The downside to this glorious experience was I couldn’t see shit haha. None of us could. Plus he was in the dark and hiding in the fog the majority of the show haha. The strobe lights were going off tho. It was legit making me blind lmao.

He played the majority of his album, it was so lit live. Just being there surrounded by everyone who knew his lyrics. Super dope. His single “Don’t” is his most popular, and it was everything live. Man I’m so content rn haha. I was supposed to see him on New Years but was too sick :(. So this was meant to be.

Today was definitely a long day at the internship. But I survived which I surprised myself with. I didn’t complain half as much as usual. Ha.

Days have been busy. In a good way tho. Again, hopeful af.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Another winner. Love him.


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