Ride Along 2.

Skkkiiiirrrrrtttttt. I just think of the car emoji whenever I think of this movie haha. Sad times. Literally none of my friends were d to see this with me. So I drove my ass to Irvine and forced my brother to go haha. Shoutout to him, he’s the real MVP.

Driving to the OC is never a good time. I tried to leave before 2pm because that’s the cut off time, before you get fucked in traffic. I left a little after 2pm and I was indeed fucked haha. I had the day off and I hadn’t been there in so long, nor seem my bro in a minute. He’s been worried about me so I didn’t want him to drive all the way to LA. But yeah.

I hit up my favorite spot ever, Jade Foot Massage. My dude kinda sucked this time, but Jade is so lit. They give you this heating pillow you put on your stomach, o m g. Orgasmic. And they’re bougie (the good kind) and always busy, everything just works for them haha. I legit make the mission here even though it’s completely out of my way.

The movie was at 7 at Edward Theaters at Tustin Marketplace. We had some time to kill so we hit up Ralph’s and got gas. Can we talk about how cheap gas is rn?! Hallelujah. My tank was less than $40 and I legit did a happy dance lmao. We also stopped in Barnes and Noble cause my friend recommended this book called The Happiness Trap. They were sold out. Womp womp.


Okay seriously though, just look at Kevin Hart’s outfit. Tell me that ain’t comedy. I swear he’s my spirit animal. It seems like people are over him, but I will never be. He cracks me up. I had a good laugh through this whole movie.

AND this Asian dude. I cannot with him. Okay I can. I was wondering how his career was up until he became famous… from Hangover or whatever. My bro informed me he was a doctor. But that acting was his true passion. How legit is that?! Good for him.

The movie was pretty mindless haha and it really didn’t matter if you saw the first or not. Basically Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are brother-in-laws and they go on police missions together. Seeing Ice Cube acting is still weird. Cause he’s such an OG haha.

Doing laundry rn and I hate it. Happy Hump Day guys.

TRACK OF THE DAY: On my drive, I was forced to listen to the radio cause my XM Radio trial expired. This song was all over it. It honestly made me feel some typa way tho. It’s that song that describes that night when you’re on that perfect level of turnt surrounded by your besties. Def tweeted that lmao.



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