Dirty Grandpa.

This is a sad story to begin with but it ends well. Ha. So I had 2 free tickets to a screening of Fifty Shades of Black…. which we later found out was the red carpet premiere. Okay Regal LA Live I see you haha. I knew it would be a hot ass mess but we were hopeful. It was at 7:30pm which really just sets everyone up for failure lmao. The traffic getting there was no joke. It gave be so much anxiety. I cannnnnnot.

But yeah. So literally I walk down the side of the theater and all the actors and actresses were going down the line getting interviewed. It was super lit. But when we got to the line for the screening we were totally turned away haha. They said people had gotten there way mad early to go. Figured.

But it’s all good. We got to see Dirty Grandpa which to our luck was at the same exact time. Also, movies on Tuesday are mad cheap here! Downtown LA, I’m surprised. They were 8 bucks. Not that it mattered to me cause my Moviepass, but for all y’ll basics haha. Def hit this theater up on Tuesday.

I went with my hg who lives right by LA Live, lucky her haha. We legit died in Dirty Grandpa haha we loved it. The jokes were left and right. I’m surprised it got such low ratings… probs cause it was legit super raunchy. So Robert De Niro just loses his wife, and he takes his grandson, Zac Efron, on an adventure. He actually saves him from marrying this crazy woman haha. The characters were legit hilarious. And Zac Efron is pretty much naked in a lot of scenes lmao.

Also, Aubrey Plaza is in it and I legit thought she was so funny. She literally cracks me up. If you need a movie to see and in the mood to laugh, I’d def hit this up.

I had class today. It was okay. I’m actually okay today. I’ve been super reflective and about to make some huge changes in my life so I’m pretty hopeful. Deathly afraid, but very hopeful. Praying for the best.

TRACK OF THE DAY: I took a Certified Freak dance class last night and the instructor had us dance to this track. Yeah, don’t judge lmao. The studio is Evolve Dance Studio on Pico if you’re ever so intrigued. They have so many classes in that lane haha. And my dance instructor was legit so hot (and gay).


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