Yo, I can’t even look at this picture haha. My heart has legit been in distress since I stepped into this theater. First of all, I’m sooooo not a fan of dolls. They scare the ish outta me. Even ones that are normal. They creep me the eff out.

Met the gay bestie and homegirl at The Grove, we tried to see Dirty Grandpa but it was all sold out. I actually suggested The Boy, so I blame myself haha. I had a little bit of a rough day, so I definitely wanted some type of distraction. What better than a horror movie right.

The next showing was at 10:50pm, so we had an hour to kill. Babes were hungry so we made our way over to Planet Daisies, or whatever the bar/restaurant is called on top of Dylan’s Candy Bar haha. On the way, we snapped a pic in front of the epic dragon, in light of Chinese New Year. It looks like that was next on the list after the gingerbread house. I actually thought it was pretty dope The Grove cared about Chinese New Year like that. So the actual Lunar New Year is apparently on Monday February 8. It is also the year of the monkey, if you were wondering.

Okay, the movie though. Made me feel some typa way haha. I definitely had to cover my eyes for a lot of parts. Cheating, I know. There were just so many jump scary moments. I screamed fasho. Basically, this girl gets hired by an older couple to take care of this boy. SURPRISE. She gets there to find out this boy is a doll. Creepy right? That’s all I have to say about it haha. Go see it for yourself. Oh, she’s hella pretty tho.

I went to Core Power Yoga again today. I died. Hot yoga is no joke. I actually had a hard time keeping up. I got a free class for my birthday and could only go on my day off. It’s on Wilshire in Brentwood, which is a bit of a drive. So worth it though. I can’t say it enough. Yoga is such a great practice.

I legit sometimes feel like I’m losing my mind. My thoughts are going at 100mph. Yoga teaches me to breathe and let those thoughts go. Got a foot massage after at Joy Foot Spa with my hg. Had my usual lady. Tipped her well.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This dude, I believe from Socal, has been getting mad love. From everyone. He just released his Malibu album which I have to admit, is pretty amazing. It’s laced with a jazz feel. He raps about real shit. Sadly would pick him over Future any day.


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