Man. The weeks/days have been long. I’m finding it harder and harder to commit to plans at night, or ever haha. It always takes a little bit extra to not just sleep through the night… or life. Friday is usually my worst days, as I have to get my ass up at 7am and STAY AWAKE all day until 4pm for class. That’s normal though, I’m aware. It’s just hard.

I got 2 free tickets to the world famous Laugh Factory for my birthday so I took my hg. Friday date night was a success. I love comedy. I love jokes. I love humor. Seriously, if you wanna be my friend, make me laugh. You’re in. We hit the 8pm show, which was better than the 10pm imo. You still have the night to function.

Me and gay bestie hit the movie Carol at Landmark on Pico at 10:15pm. It got mad love in the reviews, and homeboy said Cate Blanchett won an Academy Award for her role. It was a 2 hour movie, but I was d. Always d for the cause haha.

So we got the couch theater!!!! It’s legit all couches, like a home theater in your mansion haha. In fact, so comfortable, homeboy fell asleep. THE ENTIRE MOVIE lmao. It was hilarious. Cause you know when someone TRIES to stay awake, but can’t? The effort is def there.


I personally really enjoyed the film. It’s weird, it was super slow the entire time, but I was never once bored. It has everything to do with the way they film it. Well that’s my theory. It has everything to do with how a movie can keep you engaged, versus bore you to death. It takes place in the 50’s in New Yawwwwwwwk. Sorry I love that place haha. It’s about a young woman and older woman who eventually figure out they are more than friends.

It’s an extremely interesting, unexpected plot. But it opens the doors for a lot of acceptance. I’ve noticed more and more films focusing on the gays and transgenders of this generation. Whoa I just read this film took 11 years to develop!! In Britain. That’s a long time.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Can we all just be Wiz Khalifa and smoke all day every day???


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