13 Hours.

Whoaaaaa it’s been a whole minute. Sorry. Haven’t had time for much of anything. So I just had the most lit weekend I’ve had in probably my 20’s haha. I seriously used to go hard in the paint, but then I woke up one day and was like, ehhhhh I’ma stop going out. So doing a weekend trip in Miami with my girls was legit a movie. MOVIEEEEEE. Dre Sinatra voice (Ty Dolla $ign’s DJ).

Don’t really wanna do a play by play. But LIV was definitely live. For those of you who don’t know, I would def say it’s one of the hottest clubs in America. Also felt like the Kardashians up in Miami lmao. Dunno why. South Beach is crackin tho. Sadly, it reminds me of Vegas way too hard. That means, I’ll never move there haha. The downside was my journey getting to the damn place. I took a redeye out of LAX on Friday night, and we were supposed to touch down in Miami at 5:30am. Instead, we landed in Orlando, cause apparently the weather was bad. Too bad we were stuck there for 9 fucking hours. Sorry American Airlines, but you literally suck.

I met my 2 hgs from the bay, and it was one of their birthdays. They’re honestly so trill and so like me. It was such a breath of fresh air being able to hang with them for that long. I miss my bay peeps so tough. Not to throw shade on the LA cats, but it’s just such different vibes. We had an amazing dinner at Bazaar by Jose Andres at the SLS Saturday night. I literally never eat out so that was a treat. Had the most flavorful eel I’ve ever tasted lmao.

Anyways. BACK TO REALITY SUCKS. I actually slept last night too but I was so fucking tired today. 😦 Class was def rough. Anyways. I heard 13 Hours was a dope movie so LEGGO. In fact, my mama saw it lmao. Awkward. Def don’t even talk to her like that. She said she cried tho… what she has a heart? Kidding.

I went to a fitness class at 7:30 that I was so close to sleeping through. But I’m glad I went. It’s been a minute and endorphins never fail. Showered and hit the 9:35 showing at The Grove with gay bestie and the homegirl. Squad. OH AND IT’S NATIONAL POPCORN DAY. Lit haha. Def for a second thought The Grove would hook it up. But yeah right haha. They dgaf. Warning, this movie is 2.5 hours long. Eeeeeek. And it sure felt like it. I hate when I get ADD. And I got hit hard tn haha.

13 Hours is based on a true story. I actually had to text my hg in the movie cause I couldn’t figure out what was happening. I asked what the 6 American men were in Benghazi for. She said they were hired to be security/bodyguards for the CIA officials. The movie literally made so much sense after I read that lmao. Sometimes you just gotta ask, yenno?

Anyways. Minus the slow buildup… the end of the movie was extremely heavy. It made my heart hurt. And stomach! Some scenes literally made me nauteous, and I’m usually totally fine with blood. Damn. Also, the dude from The Office had my friends swooning. He did look good with his shirt off though. John Krasinki is the name.

As we were leaving, they were pulling in a huge dragon in light of Chinese New Year. I love that they’re celebrating it here. Didn’t know it was that big of a deal haha at all. Wait, didn’t it just seem like yesterday the Warriors had their Chinese New Year uniforms?? Shit.

TRACK OF THE DAY: The best remix to this track, ever. Erykah Badu is bae.


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