I’m officially 25 and depressed. Lmao. OKAY I’LL STOP. Just trynta literally accept that I’m old. I’m honestly not the best with adult things. And this is just a reminder of that lmao. I seriously call this my mid-life crisis… for many reasons. *eye roll emoji*


I was debating what to do tn for a good minute. At first, I was just gonna turn up somewhere. And then I realized, I fucking hate going out haha. So The Game was having a show downtown at Club Nokia. Sold. I’ve seen him probably one too many times, but he’s the OG. The Documentary was the shit.

I swear, I always love their old shit. Seems like that with hella rappers. The Game never really fell off though. This was The Documentary 2 tour. He released 2 sequels: The Documentary 2 and 2.5. They were chill. I was disappointed actually haha.

Shoutout to my one hg at DX for hooking it up with a ticket! I was prob gonna go anyway tho. I went with my hg and we met our 2 friends from UCSB. Nostalgic much? One of them is actually my ex I hadn’t seen in 5 years. Say whaaaat? Ha no but it was actually hella chill. Fr.

Club Nokia is one of my fav venues, but they hella remodeled… or something. The GA used to be the first floor, but it was the other way around. The GA was all the seats on top. We had to walk up mad stairs to get there too haha. Yes I was winded.

There were no real openers. It just said The Game and Friends. That equals The Game just bringing out his homies to open for him. Straight up haha. LA cats all day. They put on for their city. I was amped bc he played all his old shit. But he got ratchet at some points. I was like ew.

He came on around 11:30pm and played over an hour. He literally drinks a fifth of alcohol each show, and tn was no different. I texted my homie and he said he thinks it’s water. My response was…. but he’s a gangster! Ha.

I feel weird it’s my birthday. My bro forgot. I was sad. Real sad haha. My last birthday, literally all I got was food. Praying that doesn’t happen again lmao.

TRACK OF THE DAY: He closed out with this track, with Joe Moses on stage. I LOVE JOE MOSES lmao.


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