DIZZY WRIGHT. From Vegas. One of my fav rappers. Most of y’ll prob haven’t heard of him. He’s definitely not mainstream. But I really like his music. He has dope beats and raps about real life shit. He writes about shit to motivate you to live a better life. You know the Four Agreements? He made a mixtape off that, to give you an idea…

1. Be impeccable with your word. 2. Don’t take anything personally. 3. Don’t make assumptions. 4. Always do your best. ” ― Miguel Ruiz

I love music that inspires you.  Okay I looked it up for you. Mostly bc I forgot tho lmao.

Anyways, my friend actually opened up for him along with Boogie. Boogie is from Compton, and he was lit. He has a single out called “Oh My.” The show was at Bootleg Theater in I believe the Echo Park area, past downtown. It was a mad dope venue. There’s a bar and then another room for the stage. There was even seats in the back if you wanted to sit. Movie theater vibes.

It was $3 with RSVP, and I brought my hg. She didn’t know Dizzy, but hip hop and getting lit never fail. I hit her will a bunch of tracks last night. I love putting my homies on good music. My fav track by him is “Reunite For The Night.” Which he didn’t play. Tears.

King Blaise went on at 9pm, and I totally missed him. I had a long ass day so I came home, ate, and passed out. Smh. I felt like shit when I woke up too. Excuse me while I give myself brownie points for making it out.

The show was short, ended at midnight. I wanted more. But also a good thing cause I got hell to do tomorrow.

This weekend is about to be… interesting. Tell you why later lmao.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Actually forgot about the video.



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