Idk if you guys have noticed, but I only post when I see movies. Which is actually a total cop out lmao. There’s always so many moments where I’m like, damn this would be dope to write about. But I don’t have to. Terrible haha. Maybe I’ll change that this NEW YEAR. Ew 2016 haha. Swear it’s as if January 1st is supposed to be some defining moment where you’re this brand new person. Na. Goals and resolutions are chill fasho. But you’re still the same person.


ANOMALISA. What in the actual fuck haha. This movie was so bizarre. With 99% ratings, this is the one-lined synopsis we are given:

An inspirational speaker (David Thewlis) becomes reinvigorated after meeting a lively woman (Jennifer Jason Leigh) who shakes up his mundane existence.

Also, forgot what anomaly meant: a deviation from the common rule, type, arrangement, or form.

I met my soulmate at Landmark on Pico, fav theater. The 7:45pm showing was packed, literally. We were a couple minutes late and had trouble finding two seats together, where we were assigned. I asked a couple to shift one seat down so we could fit, and she hit me with the “NEXT TIME COME ON TIME.” Whoaaaaaa bitch. You do not wanna fuck with me. Not today haha.

The movie was only 1.5 hours which is always ideal. It was pretty good throughout. Soulmate figured out it was stop motion film which is mad dope. They literally snapshot each movement, which is displayed in a glass box at the theater (see picture above). It’s pretty dope. PS don’t mined my reflection on the glass lmao.

There was a sex scene tho that was just too intense. Too much lmao. I couldn’t deal. Overall the movie had us stumped haha. But def check it out if you’re bored.

So I got back to LA Sunday night after my plane wouldn’t start for 2 hours. Seriously fuck Southwest. I hate them with a passion (yet I still fly with them). Idk. They just always suck I swear. My bros picked me up from LAX and we had tickets to the LA Zoo Lights. Shoutout to Livingsocial.

Never been to the LA Zoo, but it was lit af. I fell in love with this orange European long-nosed viper lmao. Fr I want my own. The lights were cool. It was the last day so it was dope we caught it. Got way too cold towards the end tho. Side note, I love my bros. They mean the world to me.

Saturday night was the first night I actually put on makeup and got dressed since I had been sick. Went to my old roomie’s bday in Los Gatos, she’s a qt. I love her. But yeah. It was crazy finally getting ready haha. Def rough. Glad to be back to normal but it was also super nice giving no fucks.

Yesterday I drove to 3 different cities to get a fix-it ticket taken care of. That was literally 1 out of the 15 things on my to-do list. Sigh. Life.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Kodak Black goes in! This came on my Youtube shuffle after watching an interview with Jen DeLeon haha. Drake puts on for him too.


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