Daddy’s Home.

This movie is exactly what I needed honestly. Daddy’s Home is a nice, short comedy featuring Will Ferrell and the buff Mark Wahlberg.  By short, I mean an hour and 36 minutes haha. I looked it up before. Def a breath of fresh air from these long ass movies that test your ADD.

I went with a homie from high school. He’s such good vibes, shoutout to him. We hit the 7:20pm showing at AMC 16 Cupertino, so they can turnup after lmao. My ass wasn’t doing shit. All my past New Years have gone to shit, so this was no different. I feel a lot better, but still not d to function. Not wearing makeup and living in sweats has been cool, but I did have a moment. I miss my normal life. Hella :/.

Could be seeing Bryson Tiller live rn in LA but I’m home in my robe. It’s okay tho. It’s really okay. Life goes on.

The movie was about Will Ferrell playing stepdad to his hot wife and her two kids. My homie said the actress was from Freaks and Geeks, the TV show? 0. Mark Wahlberg plays the real dad, and his role is hilarious. Honestly, that man is so yoked. He was literally doing one armed pull-ups at one point. ALSO- Hannibal Buress is in this movie. Legit my fav comedian. He’s so funny.

I feel like all jokes aside. This film had a good, positive message about family. Will Ferrell can be super dumb sometimes, but funny nonetheless. Needed something mindless fr.


I have to tell you guys about my fail today. Obviously, that’s just me being a hard ass on myself. I hit up my homie to do Mission Peak, one of the hardest hikes in the bay area. Seriously, no joke. Talk about taking it easy… this was definitely a bad decision.

First of all, it was fucking freezing. The winds were no joke up there. This hike is up in Fremont, at a very high altitude. My best fran actually tried to warn me before I went, but of course, I didn’t listen. Man, it was rough. Our ears and hands were completely frozen. As out of shape as I am, I know I coulda finished if I wasn’t sick. But honestly, my sinuses and body were going nuts up there. I felt like I was gonna pass out :(.

We only went up about halfway, which was honestly hard enough in itself. I’ve only completed this hike once with my sis, but I remember almost not finishing. It’s 3 miles up, and it’s fucking hard. My question is, how the eff do people bike up this shit? But like actually, how?

The hike was beautiful tho. My goal was to overlook the entire bay at the top, but you still had a dope ass view at any point of the hike. First of all, it’s so green. So lit. And there are hella cows at the bottom haha.

I def wasn’t happy about not finishing, but honestly I woulda died haha. Going down was so brutal too. I fell. Cool. Still haven’t showered bc I got cuts and that shit is gonna burn.

2016. Spend more time in bookstores and talk less shit. That’s surface level resolutions. I got an infinity more. But I’m hopeful af. Let’s get it.

TRACK OF THE DAY: New DJ Snake, courtesy of my bro. EDM for once?



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