Joy was a very interesting film, but great to say the least. It was a little long, but the standard 2 hours. It’s about a girl name Joy who invents the Miracle Mop, and the roller coaster she goes on to get her business going. Wait, I just looked it up. It’s a true story! That just changed the game haha. It’s literally a thing- the mop she invents in the film. My brother goes “wait can I still get that mop in stores?” I totally laughed cause I thought he was kidding but no. It’s a real thing haha.

Jennifer Lawrence is bae. She’s seriously amazing. The film takes you on a journey into her life and how she deals with her family. It’s filled with emotions and actually gave me chills at one point haha. Bradley Cooper being in it reminded of Silver Lining’s Playbook.

I feel like if you had a choice with all the movies out, this might be towards the bottom of the list. But it’s a good movie. Went to the 9pm showing at AMC 20 Mercado with the broskee. It’s his last night in the bay, and what should of been my last night too :/.

Shit hit the fan this week. Was at the eye doctor for like 3 hours on Monday. Literally got the worst news :/. I have an extremely bad viral eye infection, which also caused me to get sick. Think eyes pussing and nearly blind, and a flu on top of that. I was heartbroken. I legit needed to get better to return to work and school. So that literally just broke me.

The eye doctor wasn’t even sure if she diagnosed me right, so she sent me to a cornea specialist, whom I saw today. She did tell me my immune system was completely shot and I was literally pushing my body to the limit. Apparently my body was telling me to stop, but I didn’t listen. Couldn’t disagree there. I literally was doing shit when I barely could open my eyes or function. Lesson learned :/.

I think mentally I’m just so convinced and “strong,” but in reality, I’m far from it. It’s hard to hear that your body literally can’t handle something. The eye doctor also wouldn’t let me fly home tomorrow. I was like in shock. Pretty devastated too. I had tickets to see Bryson Tiller downtown, and that was the only thing I was looking forward to. Yeah yeah, health first. Whatever haha.

Now I’m stuck in the bay doing nothing. Jk I still have shit to do but I’m being an emo fuck. I wanna skip New Years and my bday. Someone come sweep me up on their magic carpet and let’s get out of America.

TRACK OF THE DAY: New Atmosphere track.



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