The Hateful Eight.

Quentin Tarantino is legit a genius. His work is so damn good. So all I knew about this movie was that it was 3 hours long haha. Which is a huge red flag to me. But thank goodness my bro told me there was a 12 minute intermission. Sold.

Me and my best fran met my bro and his fran at AMC 20 Mercado for the 10:45pm showing. Yes I was just here haha. It’s dope cause The Hateful Eight is only showing at select movie theaters, in IMAX. This obviously means it’s more expensive. With my Moviepass, it was an extra 3 bucks. I could handle it. I guess the movie was filmed with a special 70mm camera?? Idk, but it made it cooler haha.


Had to Snapchat this dope little booklet you get before you enter the movie. I was late so I missed it, but they left a pile up front for us. It’s legit. It has pictures and shows the actors/actresses and their characters from the movie. Samuel Jackson kills it as usual. Seriously he’s such a boss. Omg and I def freaked out when Channing Tatum came on the big screen lmao.

There’s not much I can say about this movie except that it’s great and go see it. Quentin seriously has created his own lane with his films. His style is so bizarre and extra, I love it. The entire film was just pure entertainment. It was suspenseful throughout. My eyes hurt so bad 😦 had to take breaks. I know you’re all prolly like. why the eff is this bitch functioning while she’s this sick? Don’t worry I’m seeing the eye doc tomorrow…

I came straight from a white elephant gift exchange with my hgs from high school. Shoutout to them. Genuine love for each one of those girls. They all are just so damn sweet and have such good hearts. That’s such a necessary quality in the company you keep.

First of all, white elephant is legit the funnest Christmas gift exchange invented. Seriously, it’s amazing haha. We all met up at my hg’s spot in Mountain View, her house is beyond lit. I totally suggested her spot when we were planning this ha.


The come up tho. So glad someone stole my gift so I could steal this one haha. It’s so damn soft. Can’t wait to take it back to LA. I first got a cocktail mixer and was like fuck! I don’t drink haha. Great gift idea tho.

Scared to go through my day tmrw.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Shoutout to Tory Lanez dropping 2 mixtapes on Christmas. My homie told me about this track, and it’s been on repeat ever since.


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