Yo this movie was sooooo lit. 10:15pm showing of Concussion at AMC Theaters in Cupertino. Had to wait til after 10pm bc the Moviepass has a restriction where you can’t see more than one movie in 24 hours lmao. Sad that it’s even an issue. I mobbed the minivan and as I was pulling in, this white lady was dramatically telling me to slow down. Bruhhhhh. I’m chilln.

I went with the legend, who’s the one who told me about the movie. It’s about injuries in football that lead to psychological problems down the line. He’s a boxer, and that sport is hella similar, in terms of getting beat up. Can you imagine? I really feel like one KO and I’m dead.  My other homeboy was like, “have fun with Will Smith in an African accent” lmao. Literally opening scene we were like, shit haha. It’s hard to take seriously at first, but you def get used to it in no time.

The movie shed a LOT of knowledge and insight on the reality of this issue. Football players endure so much physical contact, especially to their head. This lead to a research done on exactly how many players were affected. The common brain disease is known as CTE, and has driven a lot of players crazy. This results in them taking their own life. Will Smith plays the doctor/pathologist who does autopsies on the dead bodies. So crazy he literally dissects the body and looks at the brain under a microscope.

The movie was about 2 hours but it’s so good throughout. If you’re interested at all in football, highly recommended. Wait, even if you’re not haha. It used real football players too, mostly from the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was so sad… homeboy just texted me too. 87 of 91 players tested positive with the brain disease. That’s INSANE. My heart literally hurt throughout the film.

Shoutout to the legend for the most thoughtful gift. A car charger that also helps you locate your car. Yo, I lose my car in a parking lot more frequently than not. So lit haha.


I barely made it out today but I did, and I’m so glad. It def wasn’t easy tho. I could barely see and had to wear sunglasses the entire game. Yes, inside haha :/. Embarrassing but whatever. I hella didn’t wanna miss this game tho. One of my best homeboys promised he’d take me from the beginning of the season. Shoutout to him with season tickets and being a boss tycoon. Grindmode so real.

The game was at 2pm. Warriors versus Cleveland Cavaliers. Fuck Lebron James! Fr I am so not a fan of him haha so I was amped. Plus the Warriors where they are now seriously blows my mind still. This was prob the most in demand game of the season. I heard tickets minimum were $800. Lawwwwdddd. But fr, what better Christmas present than a Dubs win?

OH. And Drake was there. I kept tripping cause I was like… wtf is Drizzy doing in Oakland??? Lmao. Idk why. I just pictured him in LA or Toronto or some ish on Christmas. Mad dope tho. Homeboy thinks he’s out here networking with start-ups and shit. Maybe. Artists be all about business endeavors nowadays. You gotta tho.

They won, duh. It was a bomb game tho. Def kept it close. Curry is just so lit. I can’t deal.

TRACK OF THE DAY: The Weeknd remix to this fire song <3. I think just the beat is fire tho. Jeremih kills it on the OG track.


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