The Big Short.

This movie is such a trip. Only because it’s a whole foreign world to me. Legit a whole separate language. The world of stocks, real estate, bankers, mortgage, home loans, I could literally keep going forever. I remember I tried to take accounting at UCLA, and the professor starting saying all these terms. She then goes, “if you don’t know what these terms mean, this is probably not the class for you.” I legit got up and left lmao.

I went with my brother to the 10:15 showing at AMC 20 Mercado. This brought back so many memories from high school. We used to hang out there all the time. They remodeled it since so it’s hella nice. Yo, Christmas Eve is definitely movie night. The theaters were PACKED. And no racism, but there are hella Asians and Indians at this spot. Must be the tech geniuses out here.

Shoutout to my Moviepass coming in hot. AMC Theaters legit have 2o minutes of previews guys. So if you’re ever running late, you most likely good haha. Omg guys the movie was PACKED. Like no seats minus the front row. That was crazy. We luckily found 2 seats up high but it was so awkward. Legit the bottom of the screen was cut off… like how did that pass the test when they were designing the theater. *serious question*

My one hg described the movie well. It was like Spotlight. I realize that doesn’t help if you don’t watch movies haha. Ummm, it’s a very serious drama, depicting a real event. This movie was based on the 2008 financial crisis, which literally blew over my head. Smh. Need to care more about the world. It had some humor, which I appreciated. Also a stacked cast: Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell, etc.

It was def long, over 2 hours. Esp worse for me cause I’m hella sick :(. My head started to pound and I kept checking the clock. Hate doing that whenever I’m out trying to live. Or stuck in a 3 hour class ha. This movie is totally my brother’s steez so I told him he had to explain everything to me. Which of course also means hella questions. This of course resulted in us getting shushed by the solo dude next to us. Merry Xmas to you too fam. Ha damn I have such an attitude sometimes…

Today has been a journey. First of all, got acupuncture for the very first time, from my dad’s person. Yo, that shit was painful as hell. Straight up. First she did cupping or whatever the eff that technique was. It literally was suction on my back, but it was so damn forceful. Swear I was being hella dramatic every time she did it, but she dgaf haha. And then the needles. What in the actual fuck. Okay I’m done haha.

I fell asleep after and woke up again miserable. My eyes are so fucked up every time. I literally cannot see during the day. :/ which brings me to the next depressing segment of my day.

My girl was going to church at 5pm with her mom, and I had been wanting to go to service on Christmas Eve for the longest time. I was surprised to find out she was. It was at Venture Church in Los Gatos. Super bougie haha but in a good way. Don’t think you can separate bougie from Los Gatos in general. I honestly couldn’t drive so I dragged my bro along. Felt kinda bad, he’s def not into church. He said he hadn’t been since King’s, which was prob a negative experience.

We went to a private Christian hs, and it was intense up in there. Fr like Nazi. So if that was your last experience, it’s hard to stay positive. He said some ignorant things when we pulled up, but I’m just so glad he came. It was really hard to look up the entire time. First off, we were upstairs in the “overflow” room bc the actual room the service took place was completely full. So we were def just looking at a screen. And my eyes were just so sensitive to light. I tried to look up but I had to shut them every few seconds. So embarrassing. Our other friend from hs came and I realized I really shouldn’t be in public.


I forgot I loved this verse. The church was def decked out. Like above the water fountains, it had posters saying “thirsty for God” lmao. The sermon was good, but I was def so focused on trying to keep my eyes open. It was about finding peace in God. Something I def needed to hear. I’m having a really hard time finding peace in general. Life has def got me down.

Merry Christmas fam.

TRACK OF THE DAY: I love everyone on this track. It’s getting mad radio play in the bay but not LA. Interesting.


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