Alvin and the Chipmunks.


Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip was freaking adorable. I feel like I just said ‘freaking’ bc it’s rated G lmao. It was super cute tho. Went with my gay bestie at 9:45pm at The Grove. It was lit of course. I was just thinking, it’s gonna be so basic after the holidays haha.

A lotta my friends threw shade on this movie. They said the voices would get to be annoying af. I noticed it a little in the film. But to me, that’s just unnecessary hating. Can they live? Ha. It had a cute message on family. Def some feel good, positive vibes. I’m pretty sure we were the oldest ones in the theater lmao. They were all lil kids! Hearing them giggle at random parts was everything. Like I feel like the movie they see is completely dif than the movie I see. #deep.

It was short, an hour and half. We almost saw a drama that was over 2 hours and I told him I simply didn’t have the attention span tn haha. I was pretty anxious all night :/. Meep. I got a foot massage today, long overdue. Fr over a week since my last one haha not okay. The lady said I was tight. I really wanted to be like “no shit.” But that’s rude haha.

Before The Grove, I went to… The Grove :|.I had to get my fam xmas presents. I chose there bc I had a gift card to spend. Duh, Dylan’s Candy Bar was the first stop. It was so mf crowded in that bitch. It was like… 8pm? Like people were in my way. So many foreigners too.

Yoooooo Banana Republic has a LIT sale rn. If you shop there, you better get yo ass there. Sale ends Thursday. It’s 50% off your first item, than 40% off every item after that. Super lit haha. The store at The Grove is huge. Literally the whole downstairs is womens and the upstairs is mens. I’ve never been a huge fan of Banana, but this sweater caught my eye. Fuh haha. If you guys don’t know, I used to be a shopaholic. It was bad. I can confidently say I don’t really shop anymore.


After the movie, we hit up the LACMA lights. Homeboy had always wanted to go and we never actually did. What better time to go then the middle of the night? Ha. I felt like such a tourist being there. We illegally parked and had our moment with the lamps.

There was a good amount of people hanging out there. They were all laughing and shit. It was cute haha. I can only imagine how packed this gets at regular hours tho. Like fr, how would you even get a pic in when it’s crowded haha. I couldn’t take a regular picture cause of my eye. Fr this shit is embarrassing.

TRACK OF THE DAY: I was disappointed with Pusha T’s album but yo The Dream is so fire. This track is produced by J. Cole too. Lit.




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