That was the most interesting 2 hours and something minutes of my life haha. I’m actually on Wikipedia rn educating myself on what the film was really based off. I had it completely twisted. I thought it was totally gonna be about the Chicago crime scene and give us a depiction of the gangs. WRONG.

It’s cause all I knew about this film was that Chicago rappers like Chance The Rapper were throwing mad shade. Chance is huge in Chi-town. He actually won the Humanitarian of the Year award. Mad dope. So yeah, writing for a hip hop site, it made it seem like Spike Lee fucked up hardcore trying to portray the gang violence in Chicago. Don’t get me wrong, that was a huge part of it. But not everything.

I was legit in shock when the movie took this whole new direction. All of a sudden, the girls in Chicago were on a “pussy strike.” The idea behind this protest is so bizarre to me. The girls would stop giving sex to the guys, in hopes that they would stop the violence. UHHHHHH. How does that work?

Well I guess that was what the movie was more focused on. We only know this bc this guy who just came out of the theater told us. I first told him my thoughts and he was like, hold up. Back. Up. I was like oh shit. There was a layer I completely missed bc I was hung up on someone else’s reaction. Smh. He told us the movie was based off some Greek comedy about a sex strike, so the film was meant to be like a satire. Ooooohhhhhhh.


Opening scene had Vic Mensa rapping next to Nick Cannon on stage lmao. I died. I love Vic. I thought it was funny. Nick played the most intense role haha. He was a rapper named Chi-raq. The gang colors were fucking purple and yellow. OKAY LAKERS. Maybe also why I was hating lmao. But yeah.. he was buff though haha. *eyeballs emoji*

The film was stacked with actors and actresses. Good old Samuel Jackson graces the big screen, preaching to us throughout the movie haha. Omg and La La. So funny, I was talking to my girl. She was like oh she’s in it? shoulda known it would suck. The whole time I’m thinking, “man, this is embarrassing for La La’s career.” Ha. If you don’t know her, she was the host of a famous MTV show haha.

Pause, has anyone else tried to Wiki anything lately? Do you get that annoying huge pop-up? Asking for our help? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Jk. I prob should respond. Wiki saves my life at times.

So I went with my hg who lives down the street from AMC Dine In Theaters in Marina Del Rey. Yo, this place is so lit. Legit made me feel like royalty, which I am not lmao. I was super excited she was d bc a lot of my friends weren’t haha. Side note, this is legit the only theater playing Chi-raq in LA. Well okay maybe a 30 mile radius from me. But DAMN. Did Spike Lee do that bad? Poor guy…

It actually got pretty good reviews, high 70 and 80%’s. That made sense to me. I felt like it was entertaining, to say the least. But man, it had me in shock. The whole movie being based off this pussy strike just didn’t really sit well with me. Oh, I also hate the p word. And it was everywhere! The main chick in the movie killed it tho. She a baddie fasho.

I just got up and lost my train of thought lmao. Well, lemme tell you about my AMAZING MONDAY. Major sarcasm. The infection in my eye from however long ago has transferred to my other eye. AKA it’s now in both eyes. Confirmed it’s not pink eye tho. Tbh it was just easier to say that than “eye infection.”

The eye doctor is in Beverly Hills and they were able to squeeze me in. I had called off work bc my eyes were seriously glued shut in the morning. Sorry that’s nasty yll. This was overall a terrible experience. First of all, first stepping outside, it was so bright. I could barely drive. My bro will prob get mad if he reads this, but I’ma say it anyways. Bc it really defined my day.

I should have Ubered. I know I should have. But I didn’t. I pulled over about 3x in my 15 minute drive. I could not open my eyes. I was squinting out of one eye for the few seconds it would stay open, then switch eyes. It was scary and dangerous and I will never do it again. And then I had to find parking. Yo. Yo….

I was sad bc my original doc I saw was out of town. I had to put my faith in a stranger, but the reality is, what choice did I have? They really know how to test my patience too. Waited over 30 min after being 10 min late to my appt. You bet I started crying. My eyes were already pussing so it was easy.

I literally was waiting on the doctor as if he was the solution or cure. Legit 0. He had nothing to say. Except that it’s normal… and gave me moisturizing eye drops. He legit just said call him tomorrow if it doesn’t get better. Bruh, it was worse today :(. SOS.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Driving in the rain tn to Thugger somehow made me feel better.





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