Niykee Heaton.

I must say, I am extremely impressed. This artist has stolen my heart. Or maybe just my attention haha. Meet Niykee Heaton. I actually went through a journey getting to know her. I honestly judged her so tough at one point. Smh. My hg asked me to go to the show with her at El Rey on Wilshire and I was super d. More cause El Rey is my fav venue haha. But all I knew was that she was a singer.


AND THEN, a client of mine actually showed me a video of hers that had me all twisted lmao. Text me if you wanna see it. But yeah. Decided to do more stalking and saw she had over a million followers on IG. Hmmmm sus lmao. Honestly, she’s hot as shit. Her body is ridiculous. And she’s gorgeous. So my immediate thought was that she was known more for her looks than talent.

But nah, I actually went home and researched her. I watched a couple interviews. Her story is unique. In her defense, she grew up in a hippie family and was used to being naked all the time. Lawl. Okay you get a pass. PS she’s only 21. Damn.

She actually started out covering pop songs and popular hits bc that’s what she thought she was supposed to do. It was the turning point when she moved in with her manager Lauren, who told her to cover songs she loved. Which was RAP. Yas. She gained a lot of attention from her YouTube videos covering Love Sosa, Or Nah, Trap Queen, etc. Tn she covered Hotline Bling and it was pretty magical.

Idk why, I thought she would for sure bring out a rapper. Migos stopped by her last show! And we’re in Los Angeles. At her last show on The Bedroom Tour. Sold out! Which it really didn’t look sold out ps. El Rey could make so much more money lmao. She’s honestly so trill. She cusses and just dgaf. I wanna hang out with her.

She played for about an hour and half. No openers. She played a mix of slow jams, r&b, new music, old music, covers. She has really good stage presence. I honestly think she’ll go far. Lmao people were comparing her to Iggy Azalea after. I was like please no. She brought her best friend from 5th grade, and she was totally in tears. It was adorable. Oh her backup dancers were lit too. Omg am I obsessed with her lmao.

Omg so after her last song, she literally brought out donuts and pizza and passed it out to the crowd. Fr so amazing and hilarious. She a real one.

My day sucked haha. I drove 40 min to an interview that woulda totally been a winner, minus one small detail. It’s with adolescents. So not my steez :/.

TRACK OF THE DAY: She played us an unofficial remix to this track tn. Yas.






One thought on “Niykee Heaton.

  1. Oh God I Know….I Am Totally Crushin on Niykee…Damm Boo…Beautiful Talented and Sexy as All Get Out…. She’s The Triple Threat and a Triple Score Bonus 🙂 ❤


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