This was honestly so unplanned lmao. If you know me, you know I’ve been talking shit about Star Wars. Idk, just not a fan of that and the whole Star Trek, LOTR, Harry Potter, sci-fi business. Not throwing shade, it just doesn’t interest me. It’s like politics to me haha. Just dgaf.


My homie had texted me when the trailer came out and I didn’t even make it through a minute of it. There was SO MUCH DAMN HYPE around this film tho. Still is. So cray. The same friend bought tickets for 10am Saturday morning in Irvine…. he lives in SD. I guess there’s no Imax theaters there?! So bizarre. But damn, that’s a hell of a commitment haha.

Me and gay bestie were considering seeing it tn. I think he actually called The Grove and they said all the showings were pretty much sold out. Opening night. Makes sense. People be serious about they Star Wars lmao. Anyways, we wanted a movie night and decided on Carol at The Landmark on Pico. I was coming from Hollywood and he was waiting on an Uber, so we were late af.

We got to the ticket guy and I just asked out of my ass, “is Star Wars sold out?” To our surprise, nope. Well kinda. All the lower level seats were pretty much the only ones left. But then we saw two seats right behind the railing at the very end and we were sold. We had literally just paid for the other movie too lmao, but the guy didn’t mind.

Homeboy was cracking me up so hard. The beginning of the movie played the theme song and he was literally eating it up, singing along. I was dying. I told him I had not seen ANY of the other 6 films… that was a warning I’d be asking questions on questions. He kept telling me to pay attention lmao.

The theater was packed fr. And the movie was FUNNY. Honestly, the jokes kept coming. I loved that aspect of it. I wonder if the rest of the films were that funny. The girl in the movie was dope. She reminded me of Kiera Knightley tough. But na, this one’s Daisy Ridley. What else… everyone clapped when Harrison Ford came on the big screen. That was the one face I recognized haha. What was that airplane movie he was in? Air Force One?

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens- def worth going to see. Especially if you don’t go to movies often, make it a trip! It’s fun, I promise. Sacrifice the turnup one night this weekend. It’ll be a good time. Side note, my friend used to always call me Jubacca all throughout high school, and I never really knew who or what that was lmao! When it came on the screen, I was like ohhhhhhh. The real way to spell it is Chewbacca. But yo, kinda offended lmao.

I came straight from HipHopDX’s holiday party. Well, I stopped by the crib to put on sweats. Duh. If you don’t know, DX is the site I freelance write for. If you know me, you know I put on for them tough. Dunno why. I have a soft spot in my heart for them. I love the team so much. I was motivated to come by 2 of the girls who are on staff there, they are the sweetest.

Def super glad I went. Met some new faces and saw some old ones. It was at the Well Lounge in Hollywood. This is totally hidden next to the Hollywood Palladium. So glad my hg was texting me when I pulled up. I woulda been a lost puppy. It’s a tiny spot, and it’s dark af. Honestly, couldn’t see shit. I accidently introduced myself to some people I already knew. Well that’s embarrassing. Lmao.

The week has been long. I finished my hours at my fieldwork for school. So now I just have work left. Sigh.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Chris Brown’s album leaked. Shoutout to the homeboy for being the plug.


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