Staying in last night put me on a different level. It was weird and I didn’t like it. But I was not in a good place all day so it was for the best. I actually surprisingly had 0 fomo waking up lmao. Okay waking up means I slept. I slept but barely. It was so choppy. Like off one hour, on one. Bleh. Help.

I knew I wanted to do something to get me in a better mindset, and that was either gonna be church or working out. I chose working out haha. I’ve always wanted to do the Culver City Stairs and never have. Crazy cause I’m literally 12 minutes away. I asked my hg and she was like ehhhhh. So solo mish it is. It was so fucking hard to get out of bed. Literally set an alarm to finally physically get up. That’s all it really is tho. Mind over matter.

I Yelped it bc I wasn’t sure where exactly it was. It’s actually at Baldwins Hills Scenic Overlook. Here’s a tip: street park! There was actually surprisingly plenty. They make you pay 6 dollars at the top (um no). I walked up to the bottom and snapped a quick pic but honestly couldn’t see shit. It was so bright.


Good aim Shirls haha. Okay I know I keep talking about it but last time. Jeremih’s album Late Nights is soooo fire. Every track. But it’s sad cause Def Jam really fucked him over with his album sales. I feel bad for him. Cause I truly think the project is amazing.

Anywho, I was bumping that in my whip the entire day. Okay back to these stairs. They are not stairs. They are stairs on steroids. Ha but fr they’re way too tall for the average human. Some I had to literally force myself up. Shoutout to the people running up this shit. That wasn’t even an option haha.

My first round up had me gassed, but the view at the top was breathtaking. It overlooks all of Los Angeles, all the way to the Hollywood Hills. I think I liked this view better than Runyon Canyon’s. There was hella people at the top doing abs and what not. It was beautiful to see. SO THE WORST PART, is going down. Literally, it hurt my feet and it was high key terrifying with the dirt. One slip and you’re done.

Second time up. I was tired again. My homeboy hit me that he lived hella close so I told him to come. He did. I love when people actually show up. Is that weird? I hate 1) people who are all talk 2) flakers. Be about it guys! We went up the stairs one time. At the top this trainer was doing a free ab workout. We hopped in. Shit was maaaaad hard. Apparently they do it every Sunday for an hour. MAN. Abs should never be that long lmao. It was hard tho fr.

My bro was coming to visit today and I had time to kill so I mobbed to The Grove. Duh. I wanted to get my hg this Christmas pressie tough. Warning. Do not go on a Sunday during the holidays. I legit tried to park for 30 minutes. It was absolutely not okay. At least I had Jeremih ahaha.

My bro and his best friend came through and we got the most lit foot massage dayuummmmm haha. Joy Foot Spa on La Cienega, request Mia. Done deal. Then… The Grove. Ha. I really wanted to see the Christmas shit okay! We were there for the snow falling at 8pm. Love.

Okay so movie. Poor guys, we could only see what I hadn’t seen haha. But yo. Brooklyn was amazing. Legit 98% ratings were accurate. It’s about an Irish girl who comes to America for a new life. Specifcally New York, obviously. It takes place in the 1950’s so they were def dressed to that era. The movie kinda is based on romance, but it makes for a great plot.

A lotta emotions in this one. My bro in the beginning thought the chick was annoying LMAO. I died. Yo my bro is my life fr. I owe him everything.

TRACK OF THE DAY: FUHHHH this track is so fire.


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