In the Heart of the Sea.

Real talk, this movie was fucking crazy, in the most subtle way. If that makes sense haha. Literally, the beginning, you’d think it was some light Disney flick that takes place in the 1800’s on a bunch of ships. Think… Pirates of the Caribbean, except totally not.

I’m not familiar with Moby Dick whatsoever, but that’s what this film was based on. It’s a whale? No se. Basically a crew gets stranded on the water as they try to complete this task of whaling. We actually googled what whale oil was used for mid movie lmao. We’re curious okay. The crew is lead by Chris Hemsworth, who is such a bro haha.

I say it was crazy bc there are some scenes that just make you cringe. Nauteous. They really detail the process of whaling for ya. They literally break the whale down by cutting up its flesh and bones. At that point you realize it’s not so Disney haha. At the end, you find out the event is real and that’s what inspired the tale of Moby Dick. Thanks Wiki.

I was fine in the beginning of the movie, but then I got a real bad headache. The movie was filled with action, which didn’t help. I powered through tho. No quitters! Jk. I did think about leaving tho. Feeling shitty is never fun. Oh, you can see this in 3D. The graphics and scenery of the water were really beautiful.

I wanted to go out tn but my nap ruined that. And day I guess. I just wasn’t satisfied with what I had done today. I know I’m my own toughest critic but I can’t help it. I decided to hit the gym late night. Music and endorphins is the cure. I really really like Dreamville’s project Revenge of the Dreamers II. J. Cole is one of the greatest. Even through his choice of artists for his label. Bas, Omen… so raw.

I’m being so reflective lately. Constantly trying to figure something out idk.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Still on a high from last night’s Jeremih show. Cop Late Nights. It’s honestly fire.


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